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Thread: The Age of Warriors (Project Revived!)

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    How You Can Contribute

    This is a list of things that still need to be done. Anyone is free to tackle them.

    Updated Feb 2021

    Slowly finalizing the PDF docs for this project.

    1. A great way to help would be by making discipline legacy weapons. These are the ones we still need.

    - Bloodstained Gutter legacy weapon. A prison shiv (improvised weapon).
    - Dancing Leaf legacy weapon. Possibilities include quarterstaff, rapier, elven thinblade. Should have defensive abilities.
    - Oncoming Storm legacy weapon. This is the discipline for rogue and swashbuckler style fighting. A swashbuckler's cutlass or duelist's foil.

    Legacy weapon format
    Legacy weapon abilities cheat sheet (these are just guidelines)

    - Suggest names for a shield-based discipline.


    If you don't want to make new content, contribute by PEACHing already posted content. You can use the "age of warriors" tag to find relevant threads I've posted.

    If you want to post feedback for a necro thread, just post it here with a link to the original thread. (Or if I started the thread, PM me to bump it.)


    Gdocs templates for AOW content

    You can use these for content you contribute.
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