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    By the way, you should probably take my Bloodstained Gutter off the discipline list. IT was a nice idea, but it never got above level 4 and I still have no idea how to finish it.

    Should martial soulknives be a thing? I occasionally try to make them, but it always comes down to me to soulknife just being too narrow a thing to build an entire class around. It seems like one class feature, not an entire class.

    Have you considered making a psychic discipline based on soulknives perhaps? Or a prestige class (requirements: diamond blade, one psychic discipline)? A feat chain?

    Same for Bard, really. White Raven already covers most of what I'd feel a martial bard would do.

    Also, Dancing Leaf should absolutely be on there. I love that discipline and I've used it before on characters.
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