"And this is... what? You break into HiSec just to show you can and the real heist is the friends we made along the way?"

Errant folds her arms over her chest and tries her best to look huffy and put out, rather than concerned. Plan A was already up in fl-- in pieces. Plan B almost got Sara killed, and now Plan C is teetering like a clumsy high wire act over an alligator pit. You saw that episode, right? My Dying Wish? Look, it's JuneBird's fault there are so many game shows on at HQ, ok?

Crap. She's being messed with, she's sure of it. And because of that she's as stuck here at the entrance to this stupid vault as surely as if she'd been knocked out and wired to a van all over again. But if she can at least get Comstar A in exposition mode, that'd give her some ground.

"Come on, spill. What makes this thing worth a permanent spot on the BlackSun kill list?"

She frowns. Her fingers strike a staccato along her arm. In a tiny corner of her right contact lens, she tries to browse her way into @Sarahphim's chat.