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Ferra finishes tearing through the Megatroopers, feeling a bit of a staticy radio burst as the last one goes down. Not the priority. The priority is Brainstorm, then the rest of the team. She turns to face him, offering a hand up. "You gonna be okay now?" She glances over at the Comstar...s? Hm. Something appears to have happened.
"I was so looking forward to tonguing the correct sequence into the nanopulsar," Victor jokes. "Thank you."

Now to just make sure that Ferra and Brainstorm never met, and life would be complete.

He takes the hand, hauls himself to his feet, and joins Ferra in staring at the Comstars. "Sooooo... Two Comstars. Do you have any idea what's going on over there? Because I'm almost certain I don't."

So, fix that, dummy. Figure out the Comstars. What's going on with them? Why are they here, besides the book? What's in the book? The sooner he has these answers, the sooner he can figure out a way for the team to not deal with these issues.