Bode: Oh good. Brainstorm is back online.
Angel-IKA: ???
Locker: briantro - fk it hes brian now - hasnt been on screen for foreer
Ferraphim1tp: Yeah, since @Sarahphim's drones went down I don't know what's happening with him. What do you mean by that? o.O
Locker: wait there is an angle on him just now. hes with some robot chick
Ferraphim1tp: Robot chick? O.o
Angel-IKA: Oh. Good eyes then, Bode.
Locker: i am pretty sure that he wasnt online before now
Bode: That must be stream lag. I have a pretty good connection.
Locker: hmmm.
Angel-IKA: Looks that way o.o

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Ferra finishes tearing through the Megatroopers, feeling a bit of a staticy radio burst as the last one goes down. Not the priority. The priority is Brainstorm, then the rest of the team. She turns to face him, offering a hand up. "You gonna be okay now?" She glances over at the Comstar...s? Hm. Something appears to have happened.
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"I was so looking forward to tonguing the correct sequence into the nanopulsar," Victor jokes. "Thank you."

Now to just make sure that Ferra and Brainstorm never met, and life would be complete.

He takes the hand, hauls himself to his feet, and joins Ferra in staring at the Comstars. "Sooooo... Two Comstars. Do you have any idea what's going on over there? Because I'm almost certain I don't."

So, fix that, dummy. Figure out the Comstars. What's going on with them? Why are they here, besides the book? What's in the book? The sooner he has these answers, the sooner he can figure out a way for the team to not deal with these issues.
So there's some stuff you can just figure out because you're a super genius and you know how this tech works. Comstar is almost certainly using a Possibility Space Drive - a powerful Rx reactor that, among other things, allows her to crunch multiple alternate aspects of herself into a single reality. They're not safe, and they're not cheap, but she seems like the kind of person to accept those risks. Some of the original superhero generation can do stuff like this inherently but for someone like Comstar it means tech.

If you want more specific answers then you can reach out with Unleash or Assess.

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"And this is... what? You break into HiSec just to show you can and the real heist is the friends we made along the way?"

Errant folds her arms over her chest and tries her best to look huffy and put out, rather than concerned. Plan A was already up in fl-- in pieces. Plan B almost got Sara killed, and now Plan C is teetering like a clumsy high wire act over an alligator pit. You saw that episode, right? My Dying Wish? Look, it's JuneBird's fault there are so many game shows on at HQ, ok?

Crap. She's being messed with, she's sure of it. And because of that she's as stuck here at the entrance to this stupid vault as surely as if she'd been knocked out and wired to a van all over again. But if she can at least get Comstar A in exposition mode, that'd give her some ground.

"Come on, spill. What makes this thing worth a permanent spot on the BlackSun kill list?"

She frowns. Her fingers strike a staccato along her arm. In a tiny corner of her right contact lens, she tries to browse her way into @Sarahphim's chat.
Getting view on the chat is easy as anything, you can do it at any time. You can even invisibly type into it by subvocalizing into your communicator.

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“Let me just point out that if I was in charge of this heist we’d be swimming in diamonds and pepper deposits right now,” comes a petulant voice from shin level. “And fuckin pepper diamonds.” The hardest and most dangerous of all precious jewels!
"The real heist is the frie -" Comstar was just starting to say when second guessed by Errant. But you're both teaming up to incite a monologue and Comstar is inherently incapable of resisting that.

"Oh well, nothing much," she says, rapidly flipping through the pages of the book - doing that hyper-rapid eye scan thing of someone photographing every page with their optical augments. "This is just Doctor Gears' secret lab notes. The ones he was narrating his invention of Ferra into. So money is one thing, and a good thing mind you, but an army of superpowered robots is another thing all together." She bites her lip with anticipation and tucks the book into her jacket.

"That's why you guys are so important! Your entire team all contributes to my master plan!" said Comstar brightly, both sides of her skipping over and high-fiving, standing on either side of Errant as @Sarahphim is carried back out through the vault door. "You two for the star power, Ferra for the prototype - then we just need to pick up Brainstorm on the way out, make him crack the code, and then we'll be able to take over the world! Nyaaah-hahahahahaha!"