=ErrantOfficial has joined=

ErrantOfficial: @SARAHPHIM
ErrantOfficial: Oh whoops. I was trying to ping you, not shout.
ErrantOfficial: Sub-vocal typing is difficult.
ErrantOfficial: I haven't been able to say anything due to obvious concerns re: your spine, but now that you don't have a gun jabbing into it I thought I'd remind you.
ErrantOfficial: You are, in fact, still in possession of a Hardlight Generator and it does, in fact, still work upside down.
Angel-IKA: Wait, what is happening???
ErrantOfficial: Please do not get so caught up in playing robbers that we let this highly dangerous object slip into the hands of a crazy person.
ErrantOfficial: You're a very good actor, by the way. I am jealous.
ErrantOfficial: The rest of you, please have a pleasant evening.

=ErrantOfficial has left=

A low whistle. A pause. Another frown.

"Why doesn't anybody ever want to team up with me just because they like me?"