Managed all of them with my team of:

NP3 Vlad, NP1 Tamamo, Np4-5 Wavers(Friend support, not mine!), Mash, Blavatsky, Herc

...Except for Singularity F. I got her down to less than a million HP on the last bar, but I died, and since I didn't realize this was coming, and I'd been using my seals to make farming easier on the V-day stuff every once in a while, I gotta wait until tomorrow until I do it with all 3 seals ready for a reset.

Considering swapping out Blavatsky for an archer of some kind, by the time she was getting pulled in it felt like I needed more damage rather than further support, but that might have just been because I got relatively unlucky and Vlad died somewhat early. Also considering swapping her out for Jeanne, and just running a less good CE on Mash or Tamamo.