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    Verezza is surprised to see the versatility of the humans in this battle. Issachar had been darting in and out, slicing enemies with the daggers while dodging most of the blows. The blue-haired one was the opposite: no grace, just power. He hit them hard and seemed impervious to their blades, a real brute in the battlefield. And the dancer was... well, dancing. But she had magical lights following her movements, and if Verezza had questions if she was really casting, she suddenly touched her sister - at least Verezza assumed , although she didn't notice her approaching - and the warrior vanished, only to appear closer to the battle. That was real magic, useful magic! And the sister fighting style was surprisingly similar to the goliath's. Verezza felt she should do better.

    She didn't have much time, though, as the warrior sister pierce through the remaining enemy. Verezza feels she should say something, but the eerie music that had been growing shows its source as a group of goblins cuts their way through the crowd. Verezza immediately moves, shifting her grasp on the spear to increase her reach and positions herself amidst them ready to prevent their advance.

    Spoiler: Mechanics
    Verezza takes a 5-foot step to S18.
    She then activates her Patrol, making the threatened area to be 15'.
    She will take all the AoO she can, moving as needed to hit with spear or shield.
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