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Well, Wano Piece it is then. Or did people mean just Wano Piece VI?

Anyway, picking up from earlier.

I dont think we can say that Luffy were pushed past the Yonko commander level in that fight.
They more or less collapsed at the same time. Luffy just had more at stake in the fight.
For him it was a question of his life, as well as getting reunited with his crew.

For Dogtooth the real stake were a repupation that had grown to be a burden for him.

That has been debated intensely.
I think the likeliest explanation is that being so early in the story, Oda did not yet have a clear vision of the endgame.
Thats true, but keep in mind this was not a short fight and luffy was getting his bouncy butt handed to him pretty much the entire freaking time. Even when he activated his snake man version it basically put him on par with katakuri.... after he had spent the last lord knows how long being beaten until he could make Rocky go "Yo Luffy uhhh, maybe you should just stay down!" So most of katakuris damage to that point was stamina loss from pounding luffy from one side of the mirror world to the other with luffy sometimes managing to sneak a solid hit in. Luffy managing to move from that HUGE deficit and squeak his win in the end shows a rather significant jump in power and skill from the start of the fight. Enough so that imo, going into the fight with what he knows now, he would have walked away, battered, bruised, bloody, but on his own two feet. Similar to how he was after the cracker fight. SUUUUPER tough fight still, not claiming he takes it with a walk, but he takes it with enough energy to stumble his way out rather than collapsing into a heap. Im talking end of rocky 4, not end of rocky 2. Full number of rounds, horrible damage sucked up, but in the end, luffy is the clear and decisive winner.

As to that counting him above commander level, honestly that depends on how the various yonko commanders stack up on the power scale. Im assuming katakuri is overall one of the strongest amongst all the various yonko commanders, but I could be wrong. If kaidos top guys are stronger than katakuri then I would place luffy firmly commander level. If he beat the number 1 commander amongst the yonko, (And imo could do it again, somewhat easier next time) then I think he deserves to be put somewhere between commander and yonko. He is very much so NOT a yonko level fighter yet. Thats a pretty freaking big gap in power after all. But if he is stronger than the best commander, then he cant really be considered that level either.