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Got a question for ya - reading over some of the stuff, you've said that healers are very rare. Are we allowed to play healer characters? Are they discouraged? And can you direct me to where exactly I can read about the Inquisition, the place we were imprisoned, and what sort of things might have happened to a character who was stuck there for four years? As well, just going to throw this out there - not even sure if I'll play one - but is it a possibility for me to play one of my Brenin?

EDIT: Are we allowed to play a character that wasn't a Gale? Interested in perhaps playing some sort of healer that was protected/coveted by the Inquisition, or something similar - one of those holy orders, or something like that. Or is that a no-go?
Healers: Feel free to play one, they're rare, but you're not discouraged from playing one, it just comes with the understanding that magical healing can fail you when dealing with some of the otherworldly occurrences which are beginning to plague the world. Accompanying any magical healing with mundane healing or even Ex abilities rather than Su abilities will help greatly. You'll be in high demand in the world, which can lead to some unsavory sorts looking to monopolize your gifts.

Purifiers: For the Inquisition, you can read some of the info on the Lore section (here) to see more of where they came from. Some things that are not mentioned there is that the Inquisition are effectively the modern representation of the Purifiers from the days of the Witch Hunts a few years back. There are still 'traditional' Purifiers which function as little more than a social representative to the common folk. Their Order has diminished in size considerably and have become highly militaristic to deal with the blights rising up to plague the land. The most extreme radicals amongst them have established their own sect of the faith and serve independently as so-called 'Lightbearers', those who delve into the most evil and corrupt corners of the world, to wash away the unclean with merciless fire.

Imprisonment: The vast majority of the world has forgotten the Willowbrook Sanitarium, extremely little is known about the old building save for what was mentioned above with it's more current use. You can find out more about the Sanitarium if you choose to explore it further and unearth the sinister truth of it's origin.

Four years is a long time, but the majority of that time would have been spent trying to preserve your sanity and consciousness. Dozens of souls have come and gone, brought in by captors, such as those who brought you, and an Auspex selecting those who would accept her Undertaking - though even that fundamental function of this place eventually came to an unexpected grinding end. The groans and screams of those driven mad by their endless pain filled the air for the first few years in your stagnant silence, long after your body decayed and left you helpless upon your cell's floor. But even that too died away, diminishing into quiet mindless babbling as the number of Scorned rapidly decreased and the number of new faces dribbled to a halt. Years could pass without even the sight of movement from behind your bars. There were once grounds keepers and a Warden who tended to you and the others, but they had all gone missing, for what seemed like very long ago. Thus the condition of the interior quickly moldered into its current decrepit rotting state, until even the young Scorned lost their voices and screamed no more. The strange ghastly visions that sometimes pervaded the familiar sight from your hole were the only things to break up the monotony of your forgotten exile, but you'd learned to avert your gaze and not spare them your attention. Whatever the visions were, they stole the parts of your mind you still needed to remember what you were; the parts you would need to accept your Undertaking.

As a Scorned's condition rapidly degrades, varying from weeks to months to fully set based off the victims constitution, having persisted for four years is remarkable. For a Scorned that is equivalent to being ancient in age, and you've spent most of it in an isolated hell.

Brenin: Unusual race. Looks interesting though. It's approved.

Gale: So, being a Gale is the reason why you were cursed in the default scenario provided. While it's possible the Inquisition could capture and withhold you someplace, it wouldn't be at Willowbrook, and they wouldn't have cursed you for it either. Alternatively, perhaps you were captured by a group of novice Harriers (they are known for kidnapping priests), perhaps led by a rogue Freehand, who then decided to attack the Cotton Club - and you were supporting his men. Defeated, captured, you were dragged into their battle, cursed and sold to the Inquisition. I'm open to new ideas, the only requirement is that by the end of it, you must become a Scorned, and be sold to the Inquisition to end up at Willowbrook.

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Sweet. I think I'm going to shelve the bloodrager in favor of a Kuthonite Inquisitor I've had kicking around for a while.
Sounds cool.

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I have to admit I am looking through classes and not sure what is an "Activated" ability and whats not. I mean Sorcerer bloodline abilities are often activated, domain powers are activated. Do those count?
For clarification, the definition used here is primarily as any ability which requires some manner of action from the action economy to initiate the use/effect of the chosen ability. So something like Bardic Knowledge wouldn't count, nor would a class ability such as Fighter's bonus feats. The standalone class ability itself of Sorcerer's 'Bloodline' wouldn't count since the class ability is simply granting access to a Bloodline, rather than the individual abilities which comprise it. However, those individual abilities within a Bloodline are on the table assuming they fit the aforementioned definition of an 'activated' ability; Same for Cleric Domains.

Feel free to pick up some of the abilities contained within each respective category.