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    "So before they were cleared out by the Illuminated Order, the wizards of this place were attacked by something else?" he said. "That explains why it exploded that one time. Did you recognise what it was that attacked?"

    Elsa shook her head. "No, but it's unlikely they're still around. Then again... the same could've been said of that monster we just drove off."

    'The goddess would seem to favour you Elsa. Now tell us more about this vision and this object. Why do you want it? And where did that creature come from?'

    Elsa made no comment on Verena; though nominally a believer like any good Empire-born person, she was far from spiritually inclined, and the idea of an omniscient being watching her and judging her every move was not one that she liked to dwell upon too long. To Adelbert's questions, she answered:

    "I want it because it was in the center of a ritual spell, and is likely an object of some power. No idea where it is now; perhaps it was taken by the attackers. As for the creature we saw, I'm guessing it's a fusion of a daemon and one of the wizards who were performing the ritual."

    She paused. "There were three wizards. I dearly hope there aren't three monsters. I'm pretty sure I saw at least one of the wizards die in my vision."
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