The two sisters approached the group as the priest arrived, chatting a bit between the two of them.

"...wasn't in any danger, the goblins never came anywhere near me."

"They could have easily chased after that other girl straight to you, and she doesn't look like she can fight. Your little glowing friends can't do much to protect you, after all."

The four remaining orbs floated back into place near Halcyon and faded from view.

"Now look at that, Temps, you've hurt their feelings."

Tempest was about to say something more when the priest began talking. The two of them confirmed neither were hurt in their battle and declined any healing.

When the screaming and barking started, Tempest's hand immediately went for her guisarme again, looking for trouble. What she saw was Halcyon running toward the commotion.

"...HAL! For crying out loud, at least wait for me!" she cried as she chased after her sister.