Whelp, finished up the singularity. Did pretty well too, if I may say so myself - did the entire thing without Command Spells.


Yeah, Moriarty was cool, but I would totally draw on a Salter/Jalter banner if there was one.

It might be time to grail Lancer Vlad, though. He earned it - just about everything in this singularity was both evil and either weak to Lancers or weak to no class. Wrapped up the last fight with a 253k Fortress of Impalement.

Not sure if I want to draw - an avenger, a 5* single-target archer, and to a lesser extent a 4* assassin would all be good for me in theory, and Moriarty WAS pretty damn cool, but they're all pretty low on the tier list. And I'm sure there are more cool dudes and dudettes just around the corner.