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    Default Re: D&D Subclass Contest VII: Well, That's Fortunate

    Sorcerous Origin: Fate Sorcery
    Some are born special. Others are just "lucky". You were neither.
    Rather, your misfortune was so poor, its source had to come from some curse or cruel trick of destiny, and its cold embrace is a well known mistress to you. But rather than gaining talent to guarantee success, you have learned to tap into the source of fortune itself to create your own victories. Usually, this happens after someone succeeds when virtually all odds, and destiny itself, was waged against you. But who can say what's "supposed" to happen?
    Whether out of being luck's conqueror, learning the intricacies of fate magic, or just being someone who's fate finally turned around, you have learned to literally make your own luck.

    Twist of Fate: When you take this subclass at level 1, you can redirect randomness on a tiny, cosmic scale. When a roll is made with Advantage or Disadvantage by a creature you can see, you can change that roll to be made with either Advantage or Disadvantage by spending your Reaction.

    You regain use of this feature after a Short or Long Rest, or if a creature you can see suffers a Critical Hit.

    Fool's Gambit: While you're not wearing armor, you can choose to have your AC be 8 + Charisma. If you do, enemies have Disadvantage to attack you.

    Flexible Fortune: At level 6, you can dip into your enemy's fortune for some "borrowed" luck. If a creature makes their Saving Throw when you cast a spell upon them, you can cause all creatures affected by the same spell to automatically succeed their Saving Throw. Doing so ends the spell and allows you to regain Sorcery Points equal to the spell level.
    Additionally, when you cast a spell that requires a Saving Throw, you can grant creatures of your choosing to have Advantage on their Saving Throw.

    Counterjinx: At level 14, when enemies afflict poor luck upon you, you can spill the same misfortune upon them. When you are hit or when you fail a Saving Throw, you can spend 2 Sorcery Points to change the casting time of a spell from 1 Action to a Reaction and cast it. The spell must target the source of the triggering attack or saving throw, and its level cannot be higher than Spell Level 5. Spells cast this way cannot benefit from your Metamagic features.

    At level 18, you can use this feature when either you or an ally within 5 feet of you is hit or fails a saving throw.

    You also know Bane and Hellish Rebuke without them counting against your number of spells known, and you can cast these spells without expending a spell slot.

    Chosen Outcome: At level 18, spells you cast with a Reaction have Advantage to Attack and their Saving Throws have Disadvantage to save against chosen creatures that you can see.
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