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    Henrietta stood rather surprised at the figure that emerged from the final coffin - a feminine-sounding humanoid made entirely of what appeared to be plant matter. Having grown up in the wilds, she had still been adjusting to the many races of Avistan, but this... woman? here was completely unlike anything she had seen. Furiously thinking, she was trying to recall if Maria had told her about anything even remotely similar to this when she realized that she had asked a question.

    "Eat you? No, definitely no. Long far cry from being that desperate. Hope I never am."

    With everyone now free, Henrietta went back over to the coffin where she'd emerged from and grabbed her glaive, hefting it in her hands. Satisfied it hadn't been damaged, she then walked over to the cloth-covered cube, squatting down and examining it carefully. After a second, a thought occurred to her and she turned back to the plant-woman.

    "You're a... Ghoran, right? Never seen one of you before."

    Spoiler: Actions
    Now that everyone is up and about, Henrietta will continue to examine the room, taking 20 on Perception to check to see if the cloth-covered cube has anything suspicious on it. If not, she will gingerly remove the cloth.
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