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    Default Re: Villainous Competition XXXI: In Cold Blood

    Quote Originally Posted by remetagross View Post
    I'm not sure I've understood that limitation properly. Why would Draconomicon otherwise be barred? What sources are not automatically included by the fact that they have "Dungeons and Dragons" on the cover?

    What is a "General" feat for this purpose? Is it a feat which has no descriptors at all? What if a feat has [Draconic] as well as, say, [Metamagic]?

    Thanks chairman! These limitations are sometimes a little confusing!
    1. draco (to me at least) seems like an obvious inclusion in
    the words “Dragon, Wrym, Drake, Reptile, Snake, etc (or any other kind of scaly lizard/reptile/snake like beastie) in the title/sub title/description are allowed
    however i know folks like to pick the limitations apart, so i included that it's ok as it relates to dragons after all.

    as an example of "Dungeons and Dragons" being on the cover, but not being a qualified source, consider TOme of Battle. Unless the class/feat/prc/other build function also likewise had the above clarifying words in it, you can't use Tome of Battle at all. The same would go for every other source out there.

    2. if you look in the PHB for example, there is a rather large list of "general feats" on page 90. this precludes things like psionic feats, reserve feats, monstrous feats, etc etc UNLESS they also contain the above descriptors, or come from one of the allowed sources or allowed sources that contain those same descriptors in their title such as "Races of the Dragon". A Draconic feat is an obvious reference to a dragon, which is an allowed descriptor and would be ok. Metamagic feats would have to either come from an allowed source, or have an allowed descriptor in their name.

    an example of some feats that would have 1 of those descriptors: Dragonwrought, or Gape of the Serpent.

    and no problem, i realize that my limitations are generally a bit more convoluted than what was the norm before i took over, my intent is simply to force you to think outside the proverbial box and get a little more creative.
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