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I would hardly call fortifying intelligence an "exploit", it's a perfectly standard effect that's designed to be used in exactly this way. Once your enchantment skill reaches 50-60 or thereabouts, you can reasonably hope to create any level of enchantment you like in a few attempts. You need a surplus of soul gems, but by that time even grand souls are easy enough to find.
If you do it only once, sure. In Morrowind, though, the quality of your potions is predicated by your Intelligence, and Fortify Intelligence is a potion you can easily make. As such, if you make one fortify intelligence potion and chug it down, you can then make another potion with increased effects. Chug that, make another one, chug that, make another one, and so on, until you're making potions that fortify your intelligence by the thousands.

Once you've fortified your intelligence to that point, you can make potions that, for instance, will restore all fatigue, health, and magicka instantly, and which last for five hours of real time per dose. Or, perhaps what you want is a Levitate potion that allows you to move so fast you clip through the world, or a fortify strength potion so strong that you could punch the Ministry of Truth back into space, or a Shield/Fortify Luck/Fortify Agility potion that will make you immune to attacks.

It gets ridiculous, and it gets there quickly.