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    Default Re: Villainous Competition XXXI: In Cold Blood

    Quote Originally Posted by Falontani View Post

    PHB, PHB2, MM 1-5, DMG, and DMG 2 are the only books that are allowed to be used.

    From all other core books whatever ability/feat/class/etc that we would like to use must have one of the following words, "Dragon, Wrym, Drake, Reptile, Snake, etc (or any other kind of scaly lizard/reptile/snake like beastie)" are allowed.

    So this allows: Races of the Dragon, Dragon Magic, Draconimonicon, and any other book with the allotted words in the title, while also allowing feats from books without it in the title like Gape of the Serpent (because it has Serpent) from Savage Species.

    Very interesting. I am in to cook, although this will be... interesting.
    No. Those books are explicitly called out as options beyond the "must have this in the title" in order to give you options. You can use anything from those books as if they explicitly had one of the qualifying descriptors in their title.

    Quote Originally Posted by ben-zayb View Post
    Let's compile the valid sources:
    • Draconomicon
    • Dragon Compendium (but not Dragon Magazine)
    • Dragon Magic
    • Dragonmarked (Eberron)
    • Dragons of Eberron
    • Dragons of Faerun, including the web enhancement
    • DMG and DMG II
    • MM I-V
    • PHB and PHB II
    • Races of the Dragon
    • Serpent Kingdoms (FR)

    Fun Fact Into the Dragon's Lair (FR 3.0) and Voyage of the Golden Dragon (Eberron) are adventure modules with "Dragon" in their name

    The individual feats, PrCs, etc. outside those sources, though, I leave to the chefs.
    Quote Originally Posted by WhamBamSam View Post

    EDIT: If an allowed book references a book outside of the list of allowed sources is that legal? For example, do Gem Dragons manifest per the instructions if you use XPH, or cast as Sorcerers for this competition?

    Quote Originally Posted by Falontani View Post
    Also: spells/powers. Obviously we have the ones from the listed books, but if we break into gem Dragon and psionics in general (or incarnum with the incarnum Dragon, or maneuvers with Wyrm of War, etc) can we use the material needed (ie xph powers, soulmelds from moi, or maneuvers from tob from my examples)

    trying to be inclusive with my examples so as to not specifically call out a Build someone may use
    A gem dragon would qualify as a legal option regardless of what book you pulled it from, because it has one of the qualifying descriptors in it's entry title "dragon". Whichever book you're pulling it from would have the rules as to what you're using, either manifesting, maneuvers or spells.

    as long as a source is otherwise legal for the normal competition you can use it in this round. Dragon magazine, despite 1) not being a book, and 2) still banned from competition, is still not a valid source simply because it has the descriptor "Dragon" in it's title line.

    @Prism, 2nd post updated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nifft View Post
    More sources, more choices, more power. Welcome to D&D.
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