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So I have a 10 minute back ground put together to at least get my ideas down on a page. I still have a ways to go on a completed sheet but I wanted to see what you thought about it and these background elements are already helping me think what else to give Ise. She has also been changed to a tiefling cause I found an image I loved.

Spoiler: Ise

Spoiler: Background
10 minute Background

1: Ise was raised and trained by her adoptive dragon mother, Falkor
2: She has only one arm the other lost during the long night
3: She joined the cotton club to try and see the world.
4: She married a Club member named Kalius and gave birth to a son, Haiden
5: She was exiled from the club for attempting to kill a contract giver, believing his job to heinous for him to continue.

1: Ise has stayed sane through her years in exile with the goal to hold her son again before the end.
2: I would love to have a dragoon fight an evil dragon, very cinematic but we will see.

1: (Can't really think of a secret she knows)
2: Kalius was also exciled from the club trying to save her sent to some other holding facility, Haiden was left with kalius brother

1: Kalius, a human Wizard in the Cotton club, they married a year after meeting and worked quite well together.
2: Falkor, the adult silver dragon that saved Ise has been traveling the world ever since Ise struck out on her own
3: Denoth, the man Ise tried to kill.

Mannerisms/ memories
1: Ise often thinks back to a peaceful night when she laid in bed with Kalius and Haiden, the world seeming to stand still.
2: Riding on Falkor's back high above a heard of deer as Ise learned dive like a dragon.
3: Defeat as she was dragged into the cell all those years ago.
Already updated the front page with the changes

It's a decent start, the only major thing I would add is what else does Ise have besides her family to keep her going. If Kalius really did try to break her out after she was exiled, he's probably dead. If not done in by the Inquisition in an effort to hide their dirty secret, then by the Club, after likely being imprisoned himself. The Cayla Vronds you know is a cold and meticulous woman, and nothing is off the table when it comes to keeping tight reins on her Gales.

This comes back to the 'intrinsic motivation', again. You'll need something else to fight through the day if your entire family is murdered, or worse. What else defines her and drives her forward? She survived the Long Night, and only lost an arm, no small accomplishment; and before the rise of the Club into its present fame. There is evidently a powerful initiative that has gotten her this far, even before she married, that needs to have a chance to be fleshed out.