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The Infirmary

Oh! Now? She always thought interviews took time to set up and prepare for and she wasn't ready and aaaaaaaaaaaa-
The Nurse quickly shakes her head a few times, clearing out all those undue, unhappy thoughts. The time to put on a good face is now!

"Y-yes. Yes of course." She answers the question, before realizing that the microphone in the phone might not have heard her! So she leans forwards to put her head closer to the phone, more in a cute misunderstanding than any sort of creepy actually-too-close way, though. It's an art. "That is fine, yes." Then she continues, tails swishing slightly in excitement, this is fun! "Names are finicky, fickle things." She says in an almost out of place seeming tone from her usual standard less-than-serious sort of tone. "My name is The Nurse. But everyone just calls me Nurse. I, uh, I work at HALO. As, well, as the Nurse."

Well, there may just be some floofy sort of nurse futzing around the base!
Probably dusting. There's a good deal of it still around.
As she does, Fel comes around a corner and walks right into a cloud of dust D:

*koff koff*