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    Spoiler: Ambrosia Ithil
    Full Name(?): Ambrosia Ithil
    Other names: Megeshi of the North Wind, Yeo-Jin, Ikue
    Gender: Female
    Species: Dragon
    Age: ???
    Profession: Scholar
    Appearance: Link to description.

    Personality: Ambrosia always seem calm and collected, rarely frowning or jaw dropping. She acts polite, smiling and nodding a lot when she interacts socially with others. Usually these interactions are her questioning people as she has a keen scholarly interest in most things.
    Her favorite topics are philosophical and academic discussions which she is always eager to engage in. But while she’s also open to talk about others personal life she always avoid the topic of her own, changing subjects or dismissing such attempts outright.

    Abilities: Kami Sovereign - Ambrosia can appear as a sovereignty to lesser spirits and communicate with them. Through these spirits she can manipulate the world around her to her will. This ability is only limited by the rules of the spirit world, limiting the degree she can manipulate them and which spirit she can manipulate. These abilities are greatly enhanced when she leaves her human body and assumes her true form as a dragon.

    Practiced Scholar - Ambrosia seldom leave things at a theoretical level. She has trained a great deal in a number of material arts, dances, sports, etc. Thus she is proficient in a great deal of physical activities along with her scholarly knowledge.

    Spoiler: Anika Sunfletcher

    Full Name: Anika Aife Sunfletcher
    Other names: -
    Gender: Female
    Species: Kaldorei (Night Elf)
    Age: ???
    Profession: Druid - Adventurer/Healer of VIGIL
    Appearance: Link to description.

    Personality: Anika considers herself a rebel and outcast and takes great care in honing that image. She cuts her hair short and dyes it, she intentionally act crude and boorish around others, in particularly other kaldorei. Anika finds joy in standing out and sometimes even seeks to provoke others through the way she acts and dresses. However, despite trying to act otherwise she actually shares a lot of the values of her people and is at heart very nationalistic, fighting for the perseverance of the kaldorei in her own way.

    Abilities: Shapeshifting - As a “druid of the wild” Anika has attuned to some common and some less common animal totems. Allowing her to take the forms of a number of different animals. Currently, she has attuned to five different animal totems:
    Bear: The first totem Anika attuned to, allowing her to become a powerful bear-creature able to withstand huge amounts of damage.
    Shark: Far less common, Anika actually attuned to Gral after serving him for a couple of months after coming in contact to him through her uncle, a druid “researcher”. The shark can chew through nearly anything and swim faster and longer than most sharks.
    Hawk: Attuning to the hawk allows Anika to assume the form of a large red hawk which can fly at amazing speeds through the air.
    Saber: This large predatory cat allows Anika to move at great speeds on the ground and also take on a passenger or two.

    Druidic magic - Anika does not know a great deal of offensive magic, only the most basic form of arcane flares and the ability to summon roots from the ground. She does know a fair bit of healing magic however which is what she utilize in her peacetime job as a healer.

    Spoiler: Astrana Tyramer
    Full Name: Astrana Tyramere
    Other names: -
    Species: Tiefling
    Age: 28
    Appearance: Link to Description.
    Profession: Warlock - Member of MERC

    Personality: Astrana strives to adapt to almost any circumstance, being quite flexible morally and behaviorally she has no real principles she wouldn’t be afraid to break at the blink of an eye in order to get her way or survive. But she is also a person of ambition, seeking to get the best in the world for her and those she cares about. Do achieve this she acts the way people prefers her to, professional with a high work ethic. Always doing her best to impress her superiors. However, at her free time Astrana spends most of the time she doesn’t spend with her family indulging in her heightened sexual desires.

    Abilities: Warlock - Astrana is trained in summoning, counteracting, dealing and controlling spiritual entities such as gods, fey and demons. This training also includes the ability to use items which channels the powers of these beings.

    Tiefling - As a tiefling (more commonly known as “dogs” or “red dogs”), Astrana has a small range of superhuman abilities. She endures heat and solar radiation better than most other beings and can be increased even further with a exertion of will. She has a limited telekinetic ability to control flames and can incite lust in the minds of others through her gaze. In addition, her thick horns protects her skull from damage and her tail is fully prehensile, making it capable of many feats.

    Spoiler: Cessie Mithar
    Full Name: Cessie Laurana Mithar
    Other names: -
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Age: 31
    Profession: Mage - Researcher/VIGIL commander
    Appearance: Link to description.

    Personality: Cessie is a person that prefers to have personal space. Any kind of touch, including handshakes, is considered private where she's from. As if to reflect this, Cessie also prefer clothes that are conservative which she considers to be a important part of the respectable image she wish to maintain. But besides herself and her children, she does not try to keep anyone else to uphold these ideals even if she can sometimes frown at people dressing in a opposite way. Her regal way of dressing is also something she considers a reflection to how she should act and tries to be a good person with an positive outlook at the world. Yet despite this she is no stranger to violence and can be extremely forceful when she believes its called for.

    Abilities: Noble upbringing - Cessie was raised as a noble and is thus well-versed with a number of subjects such as philosophy, magecraft, history, mathematics, physics, oratory skill etc. This also means she has more than a fair amount of monetary assets at her disposal which can be seen in how she lives, a well-protected keep that she owns.

    Genesai/Mage - Cessie can channel eldritch from the eldritch plane through her soul at will and manifest it in the material world in the form of magma and materials that are conceptually associated to it. The closer she is, the more control she has of this process. This often comes in the form of elementals, mental constructs made of the materials Cessie can summon which always look like the mage herself unless she specifically wishes them not to.

    Spoiler: Dena Xifhara
    Full Name: Denürga Ragnhild Xifhara
    Alias: Dena
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Gorgon - Alvar
    Age: Older than she looks
    Profession: MERC Senior Officer

    Description: Dena is a drow gorgon who appears to be mid-twenty something but is in fact a lot older. Like other drow, she have long pointed ears and caucasian features. However, Dena is what is known as a 'copper drow', meaning that her skin is a more cinereous copper brown tone and that her eyes were originally green until she got cursed. She's also taller, about 6’2 feet (or 184 centimeters). These features, with the exception of the eyes, haven't changed since she became a gorgon, her hair is technically still white even if it's now made up of snakes which she still accommodates into the same type of hairstyles as far as they're capable to.

    For a more detailed description, look here.

    Personality: Dena is easy-going and relaxed, she always thinks twice before she acts and usually have rather laid-back attitude towards most things. She doesn't get upset or angry very often and enjoys cracking jokes and having a good time. Behind her friendly persona is a person that only look out for herself however, she mostly do things if she think she can profit from them somehow. As a side-note, Dena loves animals and will often cuddle them as long as they're cute and not life-threatening (or found in a dungeon, can't trust anything in a dungeon).

    Equipment: Dena’s most precious piece of gear is the armor she calls “vettirskold” (all the best armors have names) which runes allows it to hold a number of items without any visible pockets or compartments, after she has summoned one item she cannot summon another for a brief time. Said runes also have a number of other functions, foremost they can dampen the first attack made against one location on her body before they have to recharge. In addition, they can turn her completely invisible for a time before they have to recharge.
    The only item visible held by her is the axe she calls, “Hynda” (weapons are best with names too) which drains warmth at a mere touch if the owner wills it, causing bodies depended on heat to fail. It is also unnaturally sharp, cutting through hard surfaces with ease, which makes it great for wood cutting. Unlike other runic enchantments it does not have to recharge as it is said to steal its energy from its victims.
    The last of her runic equipment is the handcannon “Garm” (even guns get names) described here. This hand cannon can launch just about anything, and Dena mostly use it in combination with explosives.
    Other equipment Dena uses, is, among other things, a pair of goggles. These blocks out her gorgon gaze as well as protecting her eyes from various hazards, while still allowing her to see.
    Her most important non-runic piece of equipment however is Violet, a magical scouting drone which is capable of detecting heat, see through walls, creating detailed maps of rooms and corridors through echolocation and detect hidden mechanisms among many other things.

    Abilities: Experienced - Being nearly a hundred years old Dena has been able to pick up quite a few skills during her long life. As a part of the Jurga clan she became trained as a martial fighter and horse rider. As a slave she came to learn dancing, social etiquette, reading, writing and more risque abilities. As an adventurer she came to learn a great deal of magical artifacts and how to handle them, not to mention a great deal about the monsters who protected said treasures. She have also picked up animal handling, horseshoeing, a bit of smiting and wilderness survival, just to mention a few.

    Gorgon - As a gorgon she is also capable of quickly turning anyone who look into her eyes into stone, but jade. As soon as her eyes are unshielded anyone that meets her gaze will have a hard time looking away, finding her eyes mesmerizing. Anyone caught by the gaze will relatively quickly start to turn into jade, beginning at the extremities before moving inwards. While the effect is fast it isn't instant so the victim will have time to look away. While body parts turned to jade aren't easily turned back even by the most powerful types of magic such effects only occurs if the gaze is met for more than a moment. Otherwise it simply leaves the person with blurred vision and stiffness of their extremities. Her fangs and the snake heads that make up her hair are filled with a poison which is capable to leave a person dazed, exhausted and in a suggestible state of mind. The snakes that make up her hair can be controlled to some degree, she can see through their eyes, and even lengthen or shorten them to a certain extent.

    Spoiler: Irena Rizzo
    Full Name: Irena Rizzo
    Other names: -
    Gender: Female
    Species: “Human”
    Age: 34
    Profession: Rich
    Description: Link to Description.

    Personality: Irena is what could be described as a crude individual. She does not care much for social norms and simply does what she feels like. The fact she made a demonic pact for a huge fortune made that a lot easier. Now content with doing nearly nothing all day besides taking care of her son, “the kid” Eliseo, she has adapted a laid back attitude to most things. However, underneath that calm facade and all the jokes, lies a cold blooded killer. Irena’s casual rage at her games can’t compare to the times she gets really upset. Then she doesn’t scream, she kills without even as much as a sneer. Thankfully, that side of her rarely comes up these days.

    Abilities: Shadow Magic - Irena made a deal with a shadow demon of greed and gained the ability to summon and manipulate shadow essence at the cost of her own health. While she can’t turn the essence into more complex tools, such as guns, she can summon essence that is sharper than any normal steel into her hand. In addition, she can while in darkness cloak herself in this essence and jump into any area in sight which lies in darkness. In addition, she can also summon entities to perform tasks for her in exchange for things.

    Violence enthusiast - Irena is a strong believer in personal protection and have murdered a number of people in the past while she acted as a vigilante (not a superhero, she never wore a suite). Thus she is now trained in a large number of weapons such as swords, guns, knives and even some hand-to-hand combat.

    Spoiler: Obriane Bellamy
    Full Name: Obriane Fleur Bellamy
    Other names: “Otheriane”
    Species: Changeling - Human
    Age: 28
    Profession: Ghost hunter
    Description: Link to description.

    Personality: Obriane is not the most confident of persons. She is tall and muscular but has always acted as this gentle giant. Never really daring to take up space or talk to people. She avoids attention and prefers to only interact with those she considers family. This despite the fact that her mother's efforts to raise her to take the initiative and work her way to greatness.

    Abilities: Other Self - As a changeling, Obriane has another personality, another self which under certain circumstances can awaken and become her. This other self has given her a set of antlers that keeps growing out no matter how many times she cuts them off and a set of deer-like ears which while granting her superhuman hearing also look off to her.
    But more than that this other self is in contrast to Obriane herself a powerful ego which attracts spirits which either which so serve or possess her, causing all sort of trouble. However, these powers would be taken to a completely different level if her other self awakened…

    Spirit Hunter - Obriane was taught how to hunt by her father as she helped him hunt down reindeer and other animals up in the frozen wastes of her hometown. However, thanks to her nature as a changeling these skills have been taken to another level. Besides mundane animals she can also track down spirits and also seem to have the ability to put them down, if she would ever attempt to that is. She uses these abilities in her job to hunt down spirits and ghosts.

    Spoiler: Zhareen Teplos
    Full Name: Zhareen Itaja Teplos
    Other names: -
    Species: Merfolk
    Age: 43
    Profession: Warlock - Teacher at the Fourth Tower
    Description: Link to description.

    Personality: Zhareen always try to be positive and nice to everyone she meets. She puts a lot of energy into trying to take care of others, perhaps making up for the fact that she as a merfolk who have gone through the “change” no longer can have children. Marrying Vax, a plant-woman of the species diim, she was never able to be with someone who she could have children with before the change came. Now she seems to treat most people she meets as her own children instead, always offering to do things for them without anything in return. Acting both a bit goofy and selfless, she is always inclined to giving smiles and hugs to all those she meet.

    Abilities: Oracle - As most altered humanoids, such as tieflings and drow, merfolk can be easily influenced by spirits. However, merfolk have taken this weakness to another level and used it as a strength. Using her unusually beautiful singing voice, Zhareen can invite minor spirits to possess her. While these spirits can influence her behavior they are too weak to take full control of her and she can use them as a way to grant herself skill sets and powers that she didn’t have before. These abilities include superhuman strength, perfect aim, enhanced endurance and stamina, etc.

    Warlock - Zhareen has worked for a warlock for many years and is now well-practiced in the art. She knows dozens of ways to summon various entities and is also well-aware of the dangers they can pose. Thus she is also knowledgeable in ways to protect herself against them and their influence, managing to downplay her own weakness towards their influence.
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