Picked my two ce!

"conversation on hot sands"
"teacher and i"

unfortunately i didn't realized before i did so, they were also in the gacha (which really didn't matter because i didn't plan on pulling...

but i got bored, so i did)

blew my entire stash (which was like 60 sq and 6 tickets)

got a mix of the featured ce's

and two sr's

Emiya (assassin)


forget all that though

i got 4 bests under the moon!

Having a bunch of ce's that i can't limit break makes my skin crawl. (i have 3 "Witch Under the Moonlight" that haunt me till this day)

Long story short. Didn't redeem 2 of the monthly summon tickets, and got the 5th ce on the first pull!

Also besides my sense of completion being satisfied, the ce really synergizes well with MHXA. It was FATE!