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Dont you need 5 CEs to MLB them? EDIT: Just noticed and comprehended the "got the 5th on a ticket" bit. I hate how bad I am at reading comprehension.
Yeah i should've put "...", instead of "!"

but.. i was happy i got them, nevertheless. Couldn't help but put the exclamation point.

Also i tend to write like i'm doing dialogue. I suppose it could be a bit confusing to follow.

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Meanwhile I had a Teacher and I from last year, so this year I picked up Noisy Obsession and Conversation on the Hot Sands. Noisy Obsession seems perfect for Euryale or Medb, while Hot Sands seemed good for CuAlter and ZerkLot.
oh so they let you get another, even if you did it the previous year?

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Going to do my best to stay off the Gacha until end of April when Nero Bride comes around and I can do a few rolls on her then spend the rest for Kiara. But I dont expect it to go as planned, very low self control. One strong urge and I just spened my reserves. Like how I almost never have more then 6 Tickets at any time. But I'm going to make an attempt this time. Will probably post when I mess up next.
Same. It doesn't help that every time i broke down and dipped into my saved sq's for MHXA i got an ssr.