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Hmm, I haven't had much to do for a while, since I'm pretty done (unless I decide to take some Cosmic Sage levels, but I still don't know whether I ought). I feel like I should be active in this thread though.

Hmm... I wonder if there's a way I could increase my CL for qualifying for item creation feats. I'd need to, in order to get Craft Staff, Craft Rod, or Forge Ring.
Plenty of ways to pick up creation feats I suppose, but you won't need them initially.

Having just started working my way through sheets though, I did look back over Johannes. I'll spare you the long spiel, but to summarize; I don't understand him. He suffers from some of the same issues which I addressed previously with other player's submissions; where something arbitrarily is thrown out without context and is expected to be interpreted as 'motivation'. We don't even know why he started researching. Sure, we know he wants to achieve some big ritual he's developed, but why do we care? He himself is also absent of the 'why' with which we can address as the underlying cause for his actions. A key factor which we will need to begin taking some small step towards understanding his perspective and what he might become. You can look over everything I hit Regina with, that'll get you in the right ball park. Right now Johannes is missing the mark. I would take some time to refine his concept further.