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I noticed you mention that. Right now his fluff is a bit messy, but I've got some idea of his motivations. If you've read Mary Shelley's original Frankenstein, I've kind of taken the obsession of Victor Frankenstein as he worked and extended it across a longer period of time. He's fascinated by the possibilities, what could be; magic has endless possibilities, which is why it captures his focus.

Even more than that though is this: he's got anxiety. A lot of it. Very strong. Anxiety occurs because someone cares too much. I may change my mind about his alignment, now that I'm thinking about it. Anyway, caring too much. Extend that to a large scale, a worldwide scale. There are several ways one can try to help on that scale: unification (such as the Victor von Doom inspired character, who I may relate with), charity, and advancement are some that come to mind. With his mind (and charisma), Johannes is best at the latter.

You know what? I'm gonna make him Lawful Good. My personal interpretation of Lawful Good, which includes a dash of practicality. Hmmmm... I may rewrite some things.

Post script: This form of Lawful Good plays nice with others.
That sort of falls to the question of why he cares again, or rather, how he has developed his current set of personal values, but it's a better direction. Try to capture that as you add on to Johannes. Just try to avoid creating answers with questions, or you'll end up getting caught in the loop; like paying credit with credit. Walk us through his journey and let his experiences and perceptions answer those questions for him. You'll have a lot cleaner delivery and mitigate the chances of misinterpretation.