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[The Infirmary]

"Quite a resumé, and I do know the strains of working with limited resources. It's a pain. But speaking of abilities, I can't help but to notice your tails. Are there any particular talents that come with them, or are they perhaps more of a hindrance in your job? I know hospitals have strict policies regarding hair and fur. So how do you deal with that in your job? Could they trigger allergies?" Faith inquires.

Really, they shouldn't let Rein in at all! He probably shed hair over all important equipment!
The Infirmary

"Oh no, not at all!" The Nurse beams brightly, her smile actually lighting the room up juuuust barely noticeably. "Nothing super special! They're just very floofy." She swishes them from side to side a little bit, the small amount of movement still causing her to need to twist a bit to adjust to keep her balance. "Definitely not a hindrance though! They are quite hypoallergenic, and I would never dream of shedding in here! Especially while on the clock!
. . .
The rest of the base you're probably going to find some shed hairs. But never in here!"
She insists, nodding a few times.

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As she does, Fel comes around a corner and walks right into a cloud of dust D:

*koff koff*

"Oh no I'm sorry are you okay?" Comes a voice through the cloud of dust. "I didn't expect anyone to come this way for a bit yet, and thought I had time to dust. I'm sorry!"

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[Mirai Joins HALO]

Someone teleports in! It's a chocolate-skinned young man of about 20 years, with black sclera, amber eyes with no visible pupil, and reddish brown hair, currently styled in a short afro that wafts in the wind. He's wearing navy blue pants, a red t-shirt and black palm sandals. Around his wrists are red beads with rune-like writings on each of them. He appears to be unarmed, but appearances deceive!

Mirai walks up to the reception area, waiting to be seen. Hmm, perhaps he could take on greeting duties, if there's no one here to receive him...

Well, someone may not have instantly been there, but someone is along fairly soon after his arrival!
She's best described as 'quite floofy'. A pink kitsune with at least 30 some odd tails swishing along behind her, and is . . . well. Extremely pink.

"Hello and welcome to HALO." She manages to pant out, a bit winded from her mad dash over to the door.