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Spoiler: Fell Silence
It was no surprise to Miryks when he was approached by a member of the Cotton Club for an interview. What did surprise him, however, was the nature of that meeting. They weren't concerned with what truths he had painted with past exploits, no. All they concerned themselves with was what untapped Potential he may yet realize, given the proper path. Thoughts of ants and boots no longer crossed his thoughts as he took in each member with renewed interest. A small smile graced his face as Miryks realized he was finally in the company of those who understood. If not quite his equal, they at least dared to uncover the depths that the world around them contained. Such a burden was more than reasonable, it offered a purpose.

Weeks with the Club turned into months. What had started as a promising venture was rapidly losing its luster. He was doing what he always had, and the truth was being painted with the same pigments as always. Miryks shrugged to himself and accepted this fact. Either the Club would prove useful to him or he would be burdened with a new path, eventually. His was a fated path, and it would find him as it always had.

One day, not long after, Miryks found his tasks increased by the Club. His blades would not simply sing of truth, but rebirth. Failed missions weren't commonplace, but they did happen. If a Gale managed to drag themselves back to the Club, Miryks found himself charged with restoring their flesh. As time passed, each activity seemed to advance his understanding and mastery of the other. As unlikely as it sounds, becoming a Healer aided Miryks with his masterpieces in ways he had not expected.

A special canvas was presented to him, with a very specific truth to be freed. The... anthropomorphic lizard(?) on his table was rumored to have knowledge of ways to return to an original plane of existence. Miryks doubted this greatly, most likely inflated boasting in a tavern, but accepted the task before him. Blades traced their paths, searching deeper and deeper for the song. This canvas was strange, reacted differently than expected to his usual strokes, but Miryks had not met a creature yet that could hold their tongue for long. Minutes became hours, but still the truth stayed hidden. No one had ever resisted Miryks this long, and a small smile crossed his face. This was different, and the adversity would spurn him to greater heights. In his enthusiasm, Miryks didn't see the last glimmers of light fade from the thing's eyes. Didn't hear the frantic wheezing breath of the creature fade. As he focused on his art, a collective gasp rippled across the room, followed by an unusual silence. In that quiet, Miryks almost heard the boot hovering over him come crashing down as his vision swam and went dark.

I'll make sure to combine this all in the sheet so you're not hunting and pecking, Mornings.
So, interesting character - a torturer of all things lol. However, we revisit some familiar questions; where did Miryks learn his trade and towards what end? What led him to develop such a misanthropic perspective? What did he feel the Club 'understood' and why did he care? What does he himself hope to achieve? We don't understand Miryks yet, his values, or why he acts; what makes him tick. Maybe he's just a psychopath, but his methods come across as purposeful, and motivated by reason. We need to understand those motivations before we can understand where he's going. Try to flesh that out and then you'll have a rather intriguing character.