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    Nice. I like the backstory,


    The only thing I would look at visiting further in his backstory is the origins of his wild lifestyle and how he's trained his skills. Perhaps looking at his family and past footsteps up to having reached the point of self-sufficiency he has achieved. This will paint a more developed perspective of who he is, because we'll know how he got there, and give a certain degree of life to his character that is currently evident, but not understood. We need to look deeper at the men and mentors which have instilled upon him the facets and lessons that has made him into the man he has become. With that I feel you'll have a solid character.
    That's gratifying to hear. I'd originally considered including a bit about family, but I was concerned about keeping it short enough to hold attention all the way through. Now that I've grabbed you, a paragraph about family has been added. His other major relationships would have been with peers and partners in the Cotton Club- probably someone who recognized he was psionic and taught him the basics of what that meant, another who inspired his Batmanesque crazy-prepared equipment loadout, maybe someone who made or gave him his spiffy combination cloak. I think I'll leave establishing those relationships as something to do in play, rather than up front.
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