Alyssa nods at Waye's comment. "Y-yeah, um, not very big." She catches Leah's small blush and smiles. "Kinda, um, cozy though?"

When Nika and Leah get into clothing negotiations, Alyssa giggles a bit at Nika's enthusiasm, but she's smiling and enjoying herself. As she puts her pencils to her paper, she will every so often lean over to Maggie to show her some of what she's drawn. In this case, she's drawn Nika, excited over the new clothes. Most of her attention is to her sketch pad throughout this, though she looks up every so often to get a sense of Nika's reactions. There's a few drawing of Nika in different poses holding up clothes, excitement in her face.

As the discussion turns to trading clothes, Alyssa looks up, trying to imagine Leah in some of Nika's clothes. She turns her attention back to her sketch pad, starting to draw Leah now in more Londo-style clothing. She smiles at her images, looking up just as Leah starts asking about cold-weather clothes. "Yeah, um, m-maybe a good cloak or something w-would be good. C-can I look at some stuff?" She sits up a bit and moves a bit to give space for Nika's clothes.