Q 57: What is the RAW for this feat? Do you get to return false information as much as you want, or only once per day once you have attained the Completion Benefit.

Infiltrator Story Feat.
Benefit: Once per day when you succeed at a saving throw to negate a divination, you learn what the divination would have revealed and can spend an immediate action to cause the divination to return appropriate false information you imagine that would fit with your cover identity.

Completion Benefit: Whenever a spell or spell-like ability would reveal information about you, you can attempt a Will saving throw. If your saving throw is successful, the spell reveals nothing about you. You can use this featís benefits to instead give false information, as detailed above.

I have a player interpreting this as, I get to always return false information if they choose. I (the GM) and thinking you can always choose to return no information, but to return false information you would need to use the immediate action and you'd only be able to do it once per day.