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    This is the last batch. Now everyone knows where they stand. There shouldn't be much suspense for selections at this point, because you can see where you are and where the bar has been placed. Work on your corrections, meet that bar, and make sure you put up a post when you do so I can update the reviews. I'll probably have selections posted Sunday night since I crushed through sheets rather quickly.

    EDIT: The whole table has been consolidated on the front page with the rest of the character information.

    EDIT 2: One minor addition on Machari. She couldn't have been 18 when the collider exploded and she got superpowers. If she's 22, present day, then she would have been a small child at the time. The years difference between the incident > trained to be killer > actually assassinating people > then being thrown into Golarion > then locked up for 4 years, couldn't have happened if she were already 18 before the beginning of it all. Nor would it make sense, if she currently has issues re-acclimating herself with her own feelings and the world. So that needs to be addressed.


    Character Player Detail
    Good. Betrayed by family, father, god, and even himself - he's a fractured creature desperately clawing at the mistform walls of illusion that form his world, left without cause or answer. Yearning for something more, to define something all his own, the seed has been planted in Kazik's bleak past. The only question is how will it grow. Explosive potential for character development.
    Push. Corrections provided in post #319 Once this additions are provided, Miryks will be an extremely curious and poetic killer that has a great deal of potential in his development.
    Walt Kincaid
    Good. Corrections made in posts #297 and #322. He's a man's-man whose survived in the heart of the wilderness even when the light went out. Now after having his life ripped to pieces, he stakes everything on one last bet. Will he be able to unravel the truth of the Night, or will he be swallowed up by it, never to rise up from the depths again. His personal experience with the madness the world has begun to fall into, and his foul run-in with the Codices puts him in a very intriguing and critical crossroads. The truth he seeks threatens universes whose name he cannot even begin to pronounce, and threats which have cast the sundered fragments of shattered realities into their material realm. By nature of his circumstance, grit, and the task he's set himself out to achieve, we have a recipe for explosive character development.
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