Leah starts with the tunic, holding the neck up to herself and flattening it down against her stomach to try and get an idea of how it would fit. Moving on to the breeches, she similarly holds them against herself, doing her best to get a sense of how they would look on her without having to actually change into them. Leaving the stockings for a moment, she turns her attention to the cloak, picking it up and running the material between her fingers. She finds herself smiling at the softness of it. After a moments pause, and with a glance to Alyssa at her comment, she looks to Nika, "Umm, mind if, uh, if I try it on..?"

If given the go ahead, she does just that. Keeping the hood down, but otherwise pulling the cloak around herself. She grins a little at the strangeness of wearing a cloak, finding she almost felt like she'd taken a step back in time. She grins at Alyssa again, giving the cloak a little swish as she does, "So, uh, what do you think..?"