Ilphy seems a fair bit resistant to the visions of anguish and war at the start of Zefir's experimentation and torture upon her. It isn't because of magic or the psionic power, but simply because the base psyche that was used as a basis for this fake Ilpholin's personality and mind had not only survived more than her fair share of it, but has committed her fair share of such acts as well. That isn't to say she is unaffected however. Between the lack of sleep, lack of food, and the constant mental torture, she becomes visibly agitated as the first few days go on.

However, after a couple days AMEN might notice that something is horribly awry. Despite being fed, Ilphy quickly begins growing emaciated, as if she's literally being starved to death. She's trying to regenerate one of her arms, but the process is devouring her body to do so. If AMEN chooses to ignore this, then by week's end she'll simply expire.