Alyssa seems a bit annoyed as Leah and Nika hug, though she is mostly able to occupy herself with her sketching and looking at Maggie. When Nika pulls away Alyssa seems to turn back to normal, and she shakes her head. "If, um, y-you wanna change here that's okay with me."

As Waye heads out, Alyssa looks up at her. "D'you, um, want me to come? I d-don't know much about eggs but, um, I might be able to help some if you're looking around?" She prepares to follow, getting up off the bed and closing up her sketch book so she can carry it.

Alyssa pats Maggie as she puts down the stockings. "It's okay. It's just, um, if you do that too much, you can rip them. Or, um, stretch them so much they don't fit." She makes a gesture of pulling something out really wide, smiling.