"You can come if you want." Waye says, stepping outside alongside the girls. Maggie goes with them, nodding at Alyssa's explanation on the nature of stockings as she does.

Various shuffling sounds can be heard from the door to their bedroom, then Nika steps out clad in a pair of t-shirt and jeans that fit her like a normal person's might. "So! What do you th-" She's interrupted by a small Pokemon flitting into the lobby, bumping right into Nika's head, then hovering in front of her. It's a small black, white, and red bird with a long beak and a sack clutched in its teeny talons. "Scroungy!" The girl exclaims, as she takes the bag from the Pokemon. "What did I tell you about over-encumbering yourself?" She asks, and is met with a dismissive tweet. "No, your mom!" She says, then looks to the girls and flashes an embarrassed smile. "This is, uh, Scroungy, my Pikipek."