"Yeah, we can do it at Waye's inn if you want?" Nika offers. "I need a flat surface and everyone is going there anyway...so let's do that." Scroungy reluctantly allows Alyssa to pet its headfeathers, but no more!

"What? Yeah." Waye says to Leah. "Let's go do that." She starts to lead the way once they hit Diwyneb's streets, Maggie joining the quartet by Alyssa's side. With how busy the entrance to Diwyneb is, it's a good thing that the girl is wearing a bright pink jacket, or it could be quite easy to lose track. They eventually get to a building that's shaped like a horshoe, wooden and tall with a small outside garden between the wings. Painted in big letters across the building is the name "The Yawn Inn".

Waye heads inside, the group right behind her, and leads the way up a set of stairs and down a nicely-decorated hallway. She pulls a key from her pocket and opens the door to reveal a wide room, nicely decorated, with two single beds spaced apart and a partially-open door at the side. A small pink Pokemon rolls around on the floor, with five white spikes placed equidistant across its body, rolling to apparently build u speed before bouncing off of a surface, then doing it again.

"That's her Minior." Waye says as she steps inside. "It does that." The Pokemon's beady eyes turn to her briefly, then it continues with its rolling.