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Had a definite "I am not a young man anymore" moment today. I bashed my knee on a concrete wall while moving tulip bulbs and 30 minutes later I have a bruise and am limping. A decade ago I fell off a ladder onto asphalt while painting, got up and put the ladder away and was fine.

In other news I am wrapping up my last chiropractor visit Friday and am going to be weight lifting again, I feel like losing two months is more like six due to lost muscle and cardio endurance but at least I have a clear plan of attack.
Alright! Back at it. Good luck with the knee.

Also, just as a public service announcement: Please be careful about from whom you decide to purchase things. I know I'm a little late to the game but I found out about the Britany Dawn Fitness Scandal a while ago and it's been gnawing at me ever since. I can't imagine how crushing that would be to a person just starting out.