“Yes, let us be on our way. We can talk as we go” Renaer replies. “But first, I believe I have only been introduced to sir Dengar.” He bows low “I am Renaer Neverember.”
"Ahh yes, I'm sorry. I was a little...taken by the moment." With visible effort, Squig smiles wide at Renaer. "My name is Squigwiggle Quigglethwip. You may call me Squig."

Renaer looks to Dengar curiously. "My friend, if you know anything about enjoying yourself in Waterdeep, then you know that the finer establishments serve the same dreck for extravagant prices and offer much less exciting company. The nobles in this city are quite stale and boring...as are the various establishments they tend to enjoy."
Squig's happy demeanor starts to return as she skips alongside the group listening. "My favorite place so far has been Mr. Xoblob's purple palace!" The thought of Xoblob's cheers Squig up completely.

Squig contemplates the connections between the Zhents, Xanathar's Guild, Renaer and his father, and Volo and Floon. This hidden treasure - how many know of its existence? How many seek it? I wonder if Volo knew about the treasure, knew that Floon hung out with Renaer, knew that if we found Floon we may find other clues as well. Or maybe Floon himself knew about the treasure and got mixed up with the Zhents. Oh gosh Squig, there you go again down the rabbit hole. Let's see what the evidence provides.

"We did hear of Floon's disappearance from Volo. What do you know of him? And your father's stolen gold, how many would believe it existed?" she asks Renaer, carefully watching his response.