Maggie happily accepts Alyssa's hand to help her through the crowd.

The Minior doesn't seem to take much notice of the girls once it's returned to rolling around. Maggie watches it doing so, her head shifting to follow, while Scroungy seems quite content to stay on Nika's shoulder.

Looking over the room, the girls find a closet hatch on one wall that could be unlatched to see the open air. The only other exit seems to be the door at the side.

"I found it here." Waye says, as she pointed beside one of the beds There's a small table between them. "You can take a look at my Smeargle. Be careful or he'll paint you." She says, as she reaches into her bag and retrieves a perfectly normal Pokeball. There's a shimmer of light, and then it's standing there. A bipedal Pokemon with pale creamy fur, soft brown rings around its arms and legs, and a long tail that it quickly snatches up. Said tail has a brush-like end, covered in pink paint. He takes one long look across the room, then waves its tail at Alyssa, Leah, and Nika.