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Thanks for the response.

So it's a bonus to speed? What is the value of the bonus? Does that mean that charging normally gives some kind of untyped bonus to speed?
Charge lets you move double your speed as a full round action and attack at the end. Run lets you move quadruple your speed (usually) as a full round action. Cheetah's Sprint changes that double or quadruple to ten times your normal speed as a full round action. So those actions don't provide a bonus to your speed at all, just allow you to move multiples of your base speed. So if you're a bog standard human, your movement speed is 30'; so you could normally charge 60' or run 120'. If you cast Cheetah's Sprint first, you'd move 300' if you charge or run that turn. So what Cheetah's Sprint effectively gave you was an additional 180-240' of movement that turn that can't be increased by enhancement bonuses to movement speed, like haste, expeditious retreat, or Monk's Fast Movement ability.