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Which is to say it is 63 years better. Also, why use something like reddish purple when Mauve describes exactly what you mean. It is the same lack of precision that causes people to talk about one using fancy long words when they should be talking about the sesquipedalian character of their speech. (Needless to say, I get the "long words" complaint decently often.)

Than what word from 1919?

And you might do it because the word will not be invented yet for another thousand years. Beetroots have been grown for many millenia, and I wouldn't be surprised if the saying that someone turns beet red can be traced back at least to the middle ages.

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I mean what is "the middle of purple and rich, dark, red" if not mauve
Mauve is a light magenta, not a dark colour. So definitely not mauve .

Besides, the reason the peel of beetroot looks pale is mainly because it's rugged. If you dip it in water, it gets a lot richer in colour.

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A large list of rules being daunting is not necessarily negative.
Daunting means someone could be scared away from reading the rules due to their sheer length, so yes, negative.

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And yeah they did the latter in this scenario. Which I think is a little silly, personally.
We have absolutely no context and I could see scenarios where their reaction isn't unreasonable, so I'm refraining from making judgement.