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    Guide to Index: Officio Assassinorum
    White Dwarf (March, 2019)

    Operative Requisition Sanctioned; During deployment, if your Warlord has the <Imperium> Keyword, pay 2 CPs (and 85 Points) to add any Assassin you want into your army. This is important to note because it means that as an Imperium player, you always have access to Assassins, even if all of your Detachment slots are full. It's only slightly worse than taking the -1 CP hit for taking an Auxiliary Detachment, since, ideally, if all three of your Detachments are taken, hopefully you've got enough CPs to spare 2.

    Additionally, Assassins can be tailored to your opponent, and there is no reason why you shouldn't really have them in your collection. However, if your opponent sees an 85 Point 'hole' in your army list, it's pretty obvious what you're doing, before Deployment even starts. You're Imperium, it's like like you randomly Summon anything you want like Chaos does. However, bear in mind that 85 Points also represents 21 Valhallan Conscripts. So, while it's possible to 'trick' your opponent, you can only do so until Deployment is over. After Turn 1 starts, those 85 Points are being used on Send in the Next Wave!.

    Spoiler: Special Rules
    Execution Force: If you aren't going for the Requisitioned Operative, you can still take 3+ Assassins in a Vanguard Detachment, even though you have no access to HQs. However, if you take exactly one of each Assassin, you get the +1 Command Point. But, is taking one of each Assassin really worth 'only' 1 CP? ...Probably not. If you could take one of each plus two more Eversors and still get CPs that'd be good...But that's not the rule.

    Independent Operative: Assassins can be your Warlord if you want...But they don't get Warlord Traits. Additionally, Assassins may always be deployed as Reserves.

    Lightning Reflexes: Assassins have a 4+ Invulnerable save. Which is good, because otherwise they have 6+ Armour, which, even in Cover only represents a 5+ Armour save.

    Spoiler: Stratagems
    Operative Requisition Sanctioned (2); See above. Basically, you can tailor the Assassin you pick to your opponent's army, because it isn't part of your army list - just like Chaos players do when they Summon. Additionally, just like Summoning, the Datasheet cap doesn't mean anything. If you already have, say, 3 Eversors in 2000 Points, you could use the Stratagem to pick up a fourth. Neat! Also, if you're playing pre-Chapter Approved 2018 Missions, under the 'I go, you go' Deployment system, you can play this Stratagem at any time during Deployment, which is incredibly useful after you see that your opponent is hiding all their Characters behind terrain so a Vindicare would be useless. If you see your opponent is deploying their Characters behind screens, use an Eversor, etc.
    Basically, because solo-Assassins aren't actually part of your army, it opens up a range of options - and it might be old at this point - just. Like. Summoning.
    (Author's Note; Not every <Chaos> army or player utilises Summoning. But the ones that do, can play some very dirty tricks.)

    Priority Threat Neutralised; Every time an Assassin kills a <Character>, gain 2 CPs, if Warlord, gain 3 CPs. Bear in mind the -1CP you take for using the Stratagem. But, unlike Lictors and Genestealers, this isn't a random D3 dice roll. You get 2 CPs, every time. Why isn't this just an ability that Assassins have, but? It's so you can only this this ability Stratagem once per phase. So...There's a Shooting phase, and a Melee phase. If only you had Assassins that could perform well in either phase...

    Vindicare Assassin
    Double Kill; Does not do what it says on the tin. Shoot twice...But, the main problem with this Stratagem is that you must shoot at a different target. So, if you fail to kill a model with the first shot...You can fail to kill a second target. It's great when it works. It's garbage when it doesn't. But, as always you can choose when to use Stratagems - and when not to.

    Turbo-Penetrator Round; Do D3 Mortal Wounds instead of rolling to wound against <Monsters> and <Vehicles>. This is notable as far as Assassins go, because it's a reliable source of Mortal Wounds to some of the harder things to kill the game. The fact that a Vindicare can also target <Characters> means that it's possible to soften up models like Guilliman and Daemon Princes before they reach your lines. Head Shot (see; Vindicare Assassin) doesn't apply to this attack.

    Callidus Assassin
    Acrobatic; Callidus can Advance and Charge in the same turn...Which is generally useless. But, the important part of this Stratagem is that your opponent has -1 to hit her until the start of the next Battle Round...So it's lame if you've gone second. Generally, this Stratagem doesn't really work (just like Double Kill) but that's not important because the next Stratagem is important and costs 2 CPs...

    Supreme Deception (2); Once per Battle. At the start of any Battle Round, Reign of Confusion happens again. This ability is so strong it's ridiculous. Whilst a Vindicare might force your opponent to his his models out of LoS...There's a chance they'd probably do that anyway. But, CPs win games, and a Callidius passively removes them. If you can say that a CP re-roll costs 2 CPs - even potentially - your opponent is either a) Going to do it anyway and risk losing another or CP, or b) Not use a re-roll. Either choice is better for you.

    Culexus Assassin
    Soul Horror (2); Enemy units within 3" (you don't not have to be in Fighting distance), gain Always Strike Last. If an enemy unit has Always Strikes First from any ability other than Charging that phase, they instead fight in normal activation order. This can **** up your opponent's strategy pretty badly. Use when needed. This Stratagem makes your Culexus and amazing 'babysitter' unit to a larger model that isn't so easy to kill in Melee if it gets to go first (e.g; Guilliman, Imperial Knight, etc.), especially as this Stratagem is used after Heroic Intervention moves are made.

    Pariah's Gaze; All of the Culexus' ranged attacks (including the Grenade) change their Damage to D3. Not terrible.

    Eversor Assassin
    Stimm Overload (2); An Eversor can Fight again at the end of the phase, and takes a Mortal Wound on a D6 roll of 3 or less after Fighting. This is incredibly good, and the main reason to take an Eversor, and will be talked about more in the Eversor's entry. But, a good use for this Stratagem is to additionally, on purpose, try and kill your own Eversor if it's on one Wound at the end of the Fight phase...Yes, there is a reason to do that.

    But for now...

    Hypermetabolism; At the start of the phase, gain Ignore Wounds (4+). This is pretty good. But, if you're particularly forward-thinking, you can use this Stratagem knowing that you're going to play the above Stratagem, and then use this ability to ignore the Mortal Wound. Pretty good.

    Spoiler: Officio Assassinorum Operatives
    Vindicare Assassin: Hits on a 2+, wounds <Infantry> only on 2+, AP-3 and ignores Invulnerables. In a pinch, a Vindicare can also chuck Blind Grenades with a 12" range which is impressive for a Grenade. But, if you're using your Vindicare to chuck Blind Grenades, you're in a fairly desperate situation. But, one shot per turn would be pretty lame for 85 Points, so let's go through what a Vindicare does;
    • Can target <Characters>. Line of Sight is still a b****, though. An often misunderstood aspect of the Vindicare is 'What's the Pistol for?'. The Pistol is for your opponent being smarter than the average idiot, and hiding his Characters. Which means that your Vindicare is going to have to show up behind your opponent's DZ, get angles around the terrain. If you're shooting at an Infantry model, the Pistol and Rifle are identical, except that the Pistol doesn't take -1 to hit on a turn you Arrive from Reserve. 12" is more than enough to pop a Character in the head. You still hit on a 2+, you still wound on 2+. Head Shot still applies. You can even use Double Kill with the Pistol. Basically, if you think that Vindicares are just for sitting in your own DZ taking pot-shots, you're either a) Bad, or b) Your opponents are bad and playing to your strengths for some reason.
    • If you roll a '6' to wound, Damage on your attack changes to D6, which is nice.
    • If your Vindicare doesn't move, it ignores modifiers to hit. That's where your Rifle comes in. Always hit on 2+.
    • Head Shot; If a model takes Damage from a Vindicare's attack and doesn't die, they take a Mortal Wound on a 3+, and then if that works, on a 4+, etc. However, you stop rolling if you fail. Potentially this ability could deal 4 Mortal Wounds, in addition to the D3/D6 Damage. If you ask a Guard player, they'll tell you that Psychic Maelstrom isn't that good. However, the difference is that this ability has done D3/D6 Damage before the 'Maelstrom' has even started. So doing any Mortal Wounds, is more than enough. Also, 2+/2+/-3, no invulnerables, is way easier to pull off than Warp Charge 8.
    • Vindicares ignore Cover.
    • Your opponent has -1 to hit a Vindicare with ranged weapons, or -2 if the Vindicare is in/on terrain. So at the very least you know that a Vindicare is difficult to kill with an Oathbreaker Missile.

    Mostly, the Vindicare is really good against <Infantry> Characters. However, he's not so great against <Biker> Characters like Craftworlds and Custodes. But, fact is, his Rifle is still S5, -3, and it still ignores Invulnerables, and Head Shot is a thing.
    ...Basically, you take the Vindicare when no other obvious Assassin presents itself. You can't go wrong with 1, but other Assassins might be better suited for your opponent. 85 Points for a single Lascannon isn't good unless your opponent is playing HeroHammer with <Infantry> Characters that like to stand in Line of Sight...Which is fairly rare.

    Callidus Assassin: Has a gun that deals D3 Mortal Wounds on 3d6 vs. Leadership, which is nice. And has a Power Sword with Damage 2 that ignores Invulnerables, additionally, everytime the Callidus fights, she gets an additional Poison (3+), AP-1 attack...Because. What's really good about the Callidus is that she shows up more than D6+3" away from your opponent's models. So, while she could show up 'more than 9" away' and make her gun useless, she usually wont, and it's unlikely that you've used a CP re-roll during your Movement phase, so that's a possibility. <7" Charges are always nice to have. Additionally, a Callidus can Fall Back, Shoot and Charge in the same turn, just in case she's ever in combat with something with T5+ that Ignores Wounds (e.g; Death Guard Characters or a Vehicle). However, the main reason to take a Callidus, is for Reign of Confusion: During the first Battle Round, every time your opponent uses a Stratagem, on a 4+, they either have to pay an extra Command Point, or their Stratagem fizzles and they lose the CPs already spent. This is immensely strong against a lot of armies. As during the first Battle Round is when your opponent has access to the most of their CPs, which means that the first Battle Round is almost always the Round in which the most CPs get spent, because that's when your opponent has the most options. Being able to Supreme Deception during any other Battle Round is also incredibly strong.
    You never need more than one Callidus. Every Callidus you take after the first, could be an Eversor or Culexus...

    Eversor Assassin: The Eversor has an extra attack and an extra wound over the other Assassins, plus 2 more attacks on the turn it Charges, for a total of 8 attacks (usually), where each model destroyed in the Fight phase generates an additional attack. This is really good, until you come up against units where the models have 2+ Wounds (e.g; Primaris Marines), because where the Eversor falls apart is that all its attacks only deal 1 Damage. Still, it's a lot of attacks at S5, AP-1, re-rolls to wound... Also, there's a Power Sword. Other than that? He gets a free shot with no negs, every time an opponent Falls Back from him. However, remember that you are only limited to the Pistol because enemy models are within 1" of you. Finally, when the Eversor dies (remember, your 'Fight Again' Stratagem may deal a Mortal Wound to yourself, use this to your advantage), he explodes. Unlike a Vehicle, the Eversor always explodes; Every unit within 6" takes D3 Mortal Wounds on a 4+. Finally, an Eversor can Consolidate 6", instead of 3", which is pretty baller...
    3d6" for the Charge roll, is exactly as good as it sounds. However, it's important to remember what a 3d6" Charge roll isn't. An Eversor can't declare a Charge against anything more than 12" away. This is an ever bigger problem when using your 6" Consolidate and Fighting again at the end of the phase - it's still the same phase. The 3d6" is only a better chance to get 'higher than 9"', what a 3d6" Charge isn't, is a 13<18" Charge radius...And you can't Fight something you didn't declare a Charge against, which means that that 6" Consolidate isn't as useful as you think it is...Unless you're Consolidating into a Vehicle. Oh noes...You take <3 WS6+ attacks. Cool beans.
    In general, unless your opponent is spamming multi-wound models with Ignore Wounds, the Eversor is pretty much the best Assassin against the widest range of opponents. In the horde meta? An Eversor is almost mandatory to cut bloody swathes through your opponents' models for just 85 Points. A Vindicare might be 'easier to use', but the Eversor is way better.

    Culexus Assassin: A Culexus' job is to show up, 18" away from a Psyker, shoot it with an Assault D6 weapon, that does D3 damage a pop (use the Stratagem). Yes, it's random Damage, and that's a pain in the arse. But you should have a lot of shots, so each hit should count. After your opponents' Psykers are all dead, the Culexus becomes fairly useless except as an Objective holder, or a babysitter (we'll circle back). As an Objective holder, he's a Character, so he can't necessarily be shot at, but, he also changes your opponent's WS and BS to 6+. Which means he's really hard to hit, and still has his Invulnerable. The Culexus' bane is anything that auto-hits (e.g; Plagueburst Crawlers), but, note that since he changes models' WS and BS 6+, anything that receives -1 to hit for any reason (e.g; Thunder Hammers) cannot hit the Culexus. At all. However, it might be nice to remind your opponent that every model in the game has a S-User, AP- melee weapon...Not that that will help. But it's better than nothing, right?
    Additionally, all <Psykers> - yes, even yours - within 18" of the Culexus take -2 to Psychic and Deny the Witch tests, and the Culexus can never be affected by Psychic powers. This is handy for when your opponent has a lot of Powers that automatically target the closest model (e.g; Smite-spam Thousand Sons). The Power automatically targets the closest model - ideally, your Culexus - and then immediately fizzles...However, in reality, what actually happens is that your Culexus gives you board control against Psyker-heavy armies, as your opponent maneuvers to be outside the Culexus' 18" bubble.
    Also remember that for 2 CPs, your Culexus throws out 'Always Strikes Last' at your opponent - which is definitely one way to save your Knight.
    However, a Culexus affects your <Psykers>, too. So...It can be annoying.
    On paper, it seems like the least useful Assassin. But, in the real world, everyone is running at least one Psyker except T'au (and Necrons don't count 'cause they suck). However, it also means that you're not stupid, and you're running a Psyker too. So, maybe it's a wash?
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