Thank you Raziere, you are a life saver!
I wasn't sure how to present the setting without being too mouthful.
So few things we should add-
Battles rules for Naruto, are diffrent from other anime roleplays. Because deception and surprise are such intrigial part of the ninja warfare, you may reply that your character was prepared for the other character's action.
"Power Level" is mostly how many deceptions in one battle a character can pull off.

Also, I plan on making map of the village.

Character sheet of Usagi

Name: Usagi. Just Usagi. She doesn't remember her last name. And maybe even Usagi isn't her real name.
Age: 13
Height 3.2 ft (3.8 ft with crutches, 7 ft with Yojimbo)
Weight 72 lbs.
Specie Human. For now.
Station War orphan. Fresh Genin
Usagi has red hair, usually collected in ponytails, her eyes are brown and her skin a bit tanned and her face is freckled. Slim, almost slinky. Her legs are cut above the knees
She wear a scarf with a military camouflage, her arms covered in bandages and wear fingerless gloves, olive green sleevless undershirt, bandouler with tools and small weaponary of kunais, talismans and bells. And short camouflaged pants on her remains of legs. Usagi also carry a long bow with eight strings which is actually also a harp and of course a quiver with a rabbit emblem

Usagi is hot tempered and determined. Feelings of inferiority making her to jump into conflict over anything she view as threat on her honor. But she just as quick to forgive and forget. Despite her loud and "colorful" attitude, she can be very cunning and tactical. (Even if with much less tact, than tactics...)

Usagi was a nobody girl, from a nobody peasanr family of the Land Of Rice. Mundane people has exprienced the war as bad weather or natural calamity- they didn't had any engagment with any side, and didn't had any way to influence the war one way or another.
Usagi remember calm life, and playing with her siblings in the wet rice fields, and a bunny plushie.
And then a war broke out. Dragons of water have emerged from the fields rainings death.
A pale man, with pale eyes, a symbol of leaf on his forehead. He has wishpered but was heard so well. The vile rebels were using this village for supplies- so this village must be erased.
Usagi remembered the terror, the realiztion this is the end. She remember people she once knew falling before the pale man who has simply poked them.
A shinobi with a musical note symbol rolled into their hut dieing, holding an open scroll. Usagi finished the drawing, beliving this might do something to save them.
She was torn from her legs, and remembered seeing those people.. her siblings torn to pieces. She woke up in other dimension- the dimension of the animals. The scroll was supposed to summon a rabbit warrior, but instead it summoned most of her and pieces of the people around her to the animal dimension.
The rabbits were generouse, yet demanding: she paid back with labour, and even supported their fighters. Her body was trained, and also she sworn to never to be helpless again. The Rabbit Queen-Naggaishi was impressed and after two years helped her to get back, and threw her off, by the Sound Village. People who tried to pity got attacked, but eventually calmed her down.
An eldery woman named Tsuru, took her home. Tsuru was one armed and poor, by lived by working in one of the factories. The Sound Village didn't had any social programs- but anyone who were prepared to work hard, the factory managers would find him or her down.
Though, it wasn't good for Tsuru's health. She and Usagi grew closer, and Usagi has attended the Ninja Academy, and joined the Hope Generation students.
She passed the final exams and now determined to never to be helpless again, and protect her loved ones. (Currently Tsuru).

Rabbit Dimension Nobility- Usagi gotten respect and credit from the rabbits, and can summon them with unnatural ease.

Yojimbo, human sized rabbit Samurai always prepared to serve as her legs and sword.

Basic Jutsu: Transformation, Clone, replacment Jutsus.

Taijutsu: C
Her expertise lie in her archery and tactics. Despite her lack of legs, she is a formidable fighter, usually accompanied by the swordmanship of Yojimbo.
She also use gadgets to aid her archery.
Usagi has sets of special Taijutsu Combos.
Also her canes are very heavy for training reasons.

Ninjutsu: C

Usagi isn't very talented in Ninjutsu, but in summoning, she has monstrouse potential.
So far she has free access to three kinds of sunmons:
Yojimbo The Samurai Rabbit In Training
Yojimbo is a young Samurai, and swore to serve Usagi after she has proven her worth.
He work to be the greatest rabbit fighter. He serve as Usagi's legs and protect from close range with his katana.

Watership Squad
She can summon squad of small bunny miners who can dig tunnels with top speed, enough to imitiate Earth control to some degree, allowing Usagi sneak underground, or to collapse the ground uner her enemies, or simply sneak below walls.

Siju The Ranger
A curiouse rabbit who always getting late for his summons. He super fast and observant, but rarely join fights. It's not part of his contract.

Usagi also use sound based techniques.

With her harp she can cause sleep/numbing tune and with arrow-bells to cause sonic damage.

Usagi hot temper weigh her down, against things that require calm and cold attitude.

Harpbow, arrows, two telescopic walking canes, talismans, kunai, shurikens bells

Clan Komoro

Komoro- "the children of the bats", one of the two noble clans of Otogare. Easily regongnized with their pointy fuzzy ears which seems to move by their own will, fangs and also all of them have glasses. Quite often shades.

Komoro are originated from the Land Of Rice, and through history didn't tied themaelves to a specific village, despite many attempts to recruit them, wether by diplomacy or by force.
During the Third Ninja World War, they were slowly and steadily weakened to almost complete collapse.
Their ability has inspired the First Ottokage to devolp sound techniques. They were the first to ally him at the Rice Indepedence War, relativly intact they gained fame and respect in the village, parrallel to Hyuga in the Leaf Village.

Tend to be soft spoken.
Weak eyed, require them glasses. Some of them has eyes sensitive to light and require shades. (More often then not, this means improved listening abilities)
Small fangs.
Clothes with clear colors.
Have musical holiday at 25th april singing together a long poem which include the heroic acts of their clan. The newest part is about the Rice Indepdence War.
Have secret subsonic launguage

Known Members

Head Clan: Tsukimaru Komoro:
54 years old. Ninja tech expert, working in devolpment and also giving technical support to the Radio Station.
Short, almost dwarf with aura of nice grandpa.

Izi Komoro: 30 One of the "Three Thunders Of The Sound"- the Junin trio. Completly blind, and were known during the indepdence war as the "Butcher Singer". Hate cheaters, and also known for his connection to the bats from the Animal Realm. When ever he visit the village he make a rock metal concert.

Komoro Bloodline Abilties

Komoro has many batlike genetic features which are extended.
Generaly, extended listening abilities and sound based techniques. Many of them are sound tech experts.


Clear Listen: D Ranked: Ability to listen to a chosen sound, without disturbance no matter what noise is in the background. The range varies depend on the level of the Shinobi, but the "Singer Butcher" is told to be able to single out a voice anywhere in the Rice Land.

Sound Mimic Displacment: D ranked Genjutsu. This technique allow the user to mimic a voice or sound, and make it sound to appear from anywhere the user choose. For example- false commands of the leader's target.

[Sound Scythe- C Ranked- Creating powerful sound wave from the user's mouth which is powerful enough to cut a tree in two. The throat is very soar afterward, and using sound techniques or even talking, difficult and sometimes impossible.

Heart's Voice- C Ranked Genjutsu. By sending vibrating sub sonic wave, the user vibrating the heart and nerves of the target to mimic a certain emotion. Attraction, fear, sleepiness and etc. Some of the Sound Village tech weaponery record those subsonic waves to create certain emotions.

Hearing Thoughts- B Ranked The listening ability enhance to the level, the user can hear the thoughts of the target.

Brain's Voice- B Ranked Genjutsu. Ability to send soundwaves into the brain of the target, which translated to the voice of the target, creating artifical thoughts. It can be used at pseudo telepathy, if the user choose to keep the voice foriegn to the brain.

Heart Clenching Concert-A ranked: After a certain subsonic tune, people touched by the sound waves, can have their hearts stopped, and even at survival, their cardiolodic system suffer a trauma.

Sonic Movement- A Ranked - The user has such deep understanding of the sound and sonic waves, that for a short moment the user can "surf" on sound waves.