Mini-Journal 3/9/2019

Bitore and Barnabus's players weren't able to attend this session (one planned, one spontaneous), so we just played for about an hour, leading up to the boss fight. Moxie's player controlled Bitore and Marr's player controlled Barnabus.

I had Moxie, the Barbarian, roleplay through asking the elves to borrow owls long enough to return to Marr, the Fighter, which was good because Moxie's player needs to get out of her comfort zone a bit. She likes playing the character, but doesn't do much talking as Moxie (compared to how much she talked in our old campaign). She did fine, so the elves agreed to loan the owls out for several hours. Then the party in Starsong Hill returned to Marr and Graald and the horses, with directions to Rhest as specific as Killiar could give them.

As they journeyed there, I rolled for a random encounter and got ... two more Razorfiends! I think I was wise to tone down the razorfiends that weren't solo encounters, although in this case the party probably would have been ok with Graald fighting at their side. (I debated what the razorfiends' attitudes would be towards each other, but in the end went with the simple answer that the wild ones attacked Graald and Graald fought alongside the party in return.)

This fight wasn't particularly memorable. Graald handled one of the smaller Razorfiends basically by himself. Marr's necklace once again failed to make him roll well on a save vs. Poison Breath ... bad luck there. Barnabus the Bard actually dared to try to use his Rapier in combat to finish off the party's Razorfiend, but barely missed, setting himself up to get taken down quickly by the Razorfiend's attacks (he's a lot squishier than the rest of the party). But he got a Cure Wounds on him with little drama, and the party ended up killing its razorfiend without too much trouble. Graald's Razorfiend, on the other had, used its Spring Attack ability to run away. Graald gave chase, but his quarry rolled a Nat 20 on its Constitution Check to run away, so Graald returned empty-bladed.

The party took a short rest following this combat, but I'm also fairly sure they took a long rest on this leg of the journey; but I don't remember if it was before or after the random encounter. In any case ...

DAY 22

... fairly early in the morning, they arrived at the lake that is what remains of Rhest. They scouted enough to see a few of the Lizardfolk villages surrounding the lake, and at that point, since nobody wanted a boss fight with two players missing, we decided to call it a day.

I didn't have to do much planning in the wake of this session, since not much happened and the party's next conflict was fairly obvious, even though they still had to figure out how to get across the lake (and see whether they raised an alarm along their way).