I'm playing through a game called "Baba is You." It's sort of a block puzzle game, except that some of the blocks you can push around are words. Also, the other blocks can't actually be pushed unless at least one of the rules defined by the word-blocks in the level says they can. There are three main kinds of word-blocks - references to types of objects in the level, blocks that define properties that objects can have, and connector words (such as "is") that connect references and properties. The game is named after
Spoiler: Minor spoiler for some early levels
the rule "Baba Is You". To explain, "is" is the most basic connector word, Baba is the name of an object that looks like a white quadrupedal creature (complete with walking animations), and anything that has the "You" property can be controlled by the player. The rule "Baba Is You" gives the player control of the "Baba" object.
It's very fun, though some of the levels are quite difficult (and also sometimes a bit mind-screwy), and a very unique puzzle game.