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    Quote Originally Posted by Telok View Post
    They are currently at 420 crew out of the usual 600. I'm contemplating a pirate attack en route too.
    Great Hera's short-n-curlies, did it really take me this long to notice that typo?

    Any whee, update.

    Whoof. It's been a while since the last update. Three sessions were spent alternately murderizing crew and scientists, fighting daemons, etc.

    First the chief engineering officer was possessed of a daemon. He also had a heavy bolter and some gun kata so the bakery and kitchen got pretty well shot up. On death he split into a batch of lobster-snakes, little weenie critters that are really only a threat in numbers of 4+ when attacking a single person. They went down so hard and fast that I ended up giving them a 'regenerate after death' mechanic. If the killing blow wasn't a head shot they would regenerate with 0 HP after 1d6 rounds to a total of 9 rounds. Which means that if I rolled an unlikely numbers of 1s they could regenerate 9 times, the corollary being that if I rolled 5 twice they stayed dead the second time. This actually turned out to work really well and made them a good monster. I'm keeping these things on tap as a sort of 'warp rat' minor infestation critter.

    Second was another scientist and crew slaughter. Third was daemons. I used about 12 of the lobster-snakes (should have used more) and two monsters from the book (sabbat prince, reskinned as an inky black silhouette daemon that shot globs of darkness and moved fast).

    Fourth was a scientist getting them to come stop another scientist. Actually it was a trap and they weren't even doing anything with the spores, they just identified the PCs as the biggest threat. Notably if an monk type character with transmutation magic is left alone to buff their physical stats into the 6 to 8 range, they get reasonably dangerous. Skabad got half his ribs broken again, as a beefed up werewolf in armor wielding a power sword, by an unarmored human with a power fist. Any ways, after that they discovered that one of the spores was missing. Tracked it down with a tricorder/auspex by the unique organic RNA molecules that it was out-gassing. That led to...

    Fifth was a fight in a machine shop where the last two scientists had actually hatched/spawned one of the spores. I used the lesser werewolf, reskinned, as one that clawed it's way out of an incubator. Then they let a reskinned greater werewolf critter out of a big nest/womb that was behind another door. Velon dropped a Perils of the Warp that had everyone within 15-ish meters make a Willpower test or become possessed by a daemon spirit. Only the monster failed (of the people on the side of the bulkhead that the fight was on). Which just meant that it got a bit tougher and gained another pool or resource to spend. At that the last remaining scientist switched over and joined them to try to kill his creation. Because breeding infectious mold-spore based not-Tyrannid monsters with weird science is one thing, but letting a daemon run around is unacceptable. It got a really good damage roll and splattered him.

    Sixth was the dawning realization that everyone on the ship who had been trained in Arcana was now dead and they needed to make an Arcana + Wisdom test vs 25 to get out of the warp. Lobos, who has avoided spending any hero points that session blew all of them (4, and his last 3 remaining pressure points) to crank the target number down and beef up his rolls to make an untrained Wisdom check to get them out of the warp. He made it by 2 points.

    Then they discovered that they were being pursued by a pair of dark eldarian raiding corvettes as those also dropped out of warp behind them. I'd cut down the lightest ship in the book a bit to make a sort of ultra light raider with a single gun, but I made the mistake of having two of them with slightly too good of a gun on them. One, or two with weaker guns, would probably have been better. The group made the mistake of taking no actions but standard movement and shooting the guns. No shield boosting, no crew triage, no emergency repairs. And of course they only had half the normal crew for their ship. So they came out about 30 VU (void units, a fungible distance of space measurement depending on how cluttered or restricted local space is, normally about 6 million meters or 6000 km) from the crystal sphere and about 50 VU 'over' from the portal installation. Rather than try to make their own portal in the face of the sphere they opted to race for the station and the safety of it's guns.

    The made it. Barely. They were literally at the extreme edge of the station's guns when their ship was disabled. Neither of the raiders ships had lost their shields, although one was really close. So the almost damaged raider backed off and the completely undamaged one sent in a raiding party.

    Ambushes with rocket launchers and flamers are ugly.

    The raiders go stomped. Well, 2/3 of the raiders got stomped. The chunk of the raiders that tried to go through the daemon infested part of the ship ran out followed by about 30 lobster-snakes and a lesser daemon. The lesser daemon got away. Then Lobos had the funny idea to broadcast video of the fight and taunt the raider's ship. He got back a reply: "Those things look tasty. Bring us over a crate or two and we'll let you go." So they loaded up the raider's shuttle with 60 minions, Lobos talked the lesser daemon into rounding up a batch of lobster-snakes and cramming into the airlock, and off they went. Although while they were leaving they did notice a suspicious increase in enthusiasm among the crew to join them. One of the tentacle beasts with the plasma cannon eye was in the engineering section of the ship.

    Which brought us up to today. Unfortunately only Velon and Skabad could make it today. Which was fine since they never got out of the landing bay and lost 59 out of 60 minions. Among other things I have a booklet (pdf) of spaceship/space station geomorphs for Traveller. Which comes in pretty useful since there's something like 200+ of them. So I found one with layouts of shuttles and ships boats, picked on that could fit the raiding party, and found it's docking bay. It was an elevator type docking bay, so the shuttle landed on top of the ship and was lowered down into the bay. The shuttle also has a huge rear cargo door with a matching cargo area in the bay. That had 4 dark eldarians with machine guns behind overturned heavy metal tables in it. The door near the shuttle airlock had two of them with machine guns. Then there were eight more standard dark eldarian raiders on the other side of the shuttle bay. Four machine guns doing aimed surprise round suppressing fire at 10 meters into 60 packed minions is ugly, only 25 made it out of the shuttle and that's because I just skipped the pinning tests. The lesser daemon didn't even make it out of the airlock, the two just hosed him down with enough lead that being Mr. Supernatural Horror didn't save him. Oh, and a batch of slaves were setting up pots, grills, and tables for lobster-snake cooking.

    Other than the totally natural and expected betrayal and ambush ambushing the raiders were totally going to keep their word. Even invite the PCs to the meal and not poison or drug them. Skabad slaughtered four guys, Velon teleported around and hurt people, minions died in droves, the lobster-snakes scattered all over the docking bay and under the shuttle while dashing out to tear into people.

    As soon a Velon got a bit pressed the Perils of the Warp started coming out again. Technology got all shorted out and everyone's guns were jammed. The lights blew out (one guy set fire to an office chair and rolled it towards sounds of fighting). The walls oozed slime. Smells so bad that people vomited blood. And Velon got momentarily possessed of a daemonic countenance that caused rather a lot of panic. It also put him over 40 insanity points. From now on when he is confronted by things daemonic he has a obsessive compulsion to clean everything for 3d10 hours. He can suppress it with willpower rolls for a time, but it's still a nuisance.

    Velon also get set on fire again. I love that. The last minion squad that the PCs brought pulled flamers and roasted the back half of the docking bay. They chose it, the players did. I did not have anything to do with that decision. Literally everyone but Velon dodged all six flamer shots. He carries a fire extinguisher these days, in a holster like other people would carry a gun.

    Anyway Lobos and Smythe, as NPCs, managed to fix the shuttle engines in about six or seven rounds and took off two rounds later, breaking through the bay doors and killing three of the dark eldarians between the back-blast and hard vacuum. So six raiders and some slaves died, they did manage to get enough lobster-snakes for at least the officers to have a... nice(?) meal (different at least). And only one corridor of the ship got flamed out with shuttle plasma exhaust.

    As the PCs flew back towards the portal station they saw that it was blowing 'their' ship into little bits. Which they did admit was reasonable after I reminded them that they'd broadcast that there was a daemon infestation aboard, and they'd come back from the Beastlands, and the ship wasn't responding to calls any more since there was more death and maiming going on in there.

    So we leave off with everyone in quarantine being thoroughly decontaminated, administered strong fungicides, and exorcised by at least three different religions.
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