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    Default Re: MitD XII: This Space Intentionally Left Dark

    OK, it's been 24 hours since I last got a PM with a vote or vote change, so I'm calling the voting close.

    Result: A (No change) (15 votes), with D (Add "must not be an embodiment of Evil" requirement) a close second (11).

    Spoiler: Breakdown

    Voters: 26 (14 votes is a majority)
    votes (top support/total support)

    BC (1/2)
    CD (3/6)
    DH (1/5)
    CDH (1)
    CDI (1/2)
    BDHI (1/1)
    BDGH (1/1)

    Since only A and D have the potential for majorities, I eliminate all others, and see how that shakes up
    Voter Vote
    Grey Wolf A
    Kish D
    Qwertystop D
    Squire Doodad A
    The Aboleth A
    Peelee D
    Vulkos A
    Jaxzan Proditor A
    3Power D
    lio45 D
    InvisibleBison D
    Throknor A
    Crusher A
    Vendanna A
    Mightymosy A
    monomer A
    Joerg A
    NoHaxJustPi D
    TheSchleus A
    Sir_Norbert D
    Darth Paul A
    thelivingmonkey D
    woweed D
    dmc91356 D
    Doug Lampert A
    Ruck A

    And because you are all rotters and I hate you, we immediately go into another vote, for thread 13's naming:
    Proposal Votes
    MitD 13: Reasons why it's not a Tarrasque 2
    MitD XIII: To Beast or not To Beast! 2
    MitD XIII: Take your Protean pills and put your helmet on! 2
    MitD XIII: From a work by Edward Lear 1
    MitD XIII: Brought to you by Edward Lear 1
    MitD XIII: He Has A Waist. 7
    MitD XIII: Sometimes we even discuss the creature's species 11
    MitD XIII: Grey Wolf, I'm So Sorry 10
    MitD XIII: Learning is happening 11
    MitD 13: Thar's no shadows! 1
    MitD XIII: Where Posters Fear to Tread 1
    MitD XIII: Pay No Attention To That Monster Inside the Shadow 1
    MitD XIII: Where the Hell Is Athasia? 1
    MitD XIII: And Because You Are All Rotters Grey Wolf Hates You 4
    MitD XIII: still far from being grown up 1
    MitD XIII - The monster's made up and the votes don't matter. 7
    MitD XIII: It can also sow discord and cause headaches! 1
    MitD XIII: Fit for the big scene 1
    MitD XIII...is totally a thing I overheard some guy say 5
    Mitd XIII: (Ate) a Baker's Dozen in the Darkness 1
    MitD XIII: The beauty in guessing the beast 1
    MitD XIII : We're all going to have so much fun! 1

    NOTE: Two options mentioning me have been striken out under then "when in doubt, don't" policy of avoiding giving the mods work.

    And, as usual, in case someone wants to suggest a previous one:

    MitD XIV: Bullhonkey!
    MitD VIII: The Gate Gazes Also into You
    MitD VIII: The Gate doesn't know you're there either
    MitD VIII: The Gate Stares Into You
    MitD 8: Maybe he has 8 Tentacles?
    MitD VIII: "Maybe I'm two kobolds?"
    MitD 8 stew, and porridge, but not babies
    MitD VIII: Thar's no shadows!
    MitD 8 the sandbox
    I'm MitD the Eighth, I am, I am
    Mitd 8: The Ocho
    MitD: The Nine Hells
    MitD IX: The Gate doesn't know you're there either
    MitD IX: Thar's no shadows!
    MitD 9: Thar's no shadows!
    MitD thread: Nein, Ich nicht bin ein Tarrasque
    MitD Nein: ich bin kein Snarl Jr.
    Summon MitD IX: Conjures 1d4 wild guesses
    Summon MitD IX: We're almost epic
    Summon MitD IX: Roll on Section 3a
    Summon MitD IX: 3d6 Dire Camels in a Swamp
    MitD IX: Minnesota Glabrezus vs. Pittsburgh Uvuudaums
    MitD IX: Too much obscure clues to find
    MitD IX: A wild guess appears!
    Monster In The Darkness 9: From Outer Space!
    MitD 9: Now That's a Fellowship!
    MitD IX: Is it a Tarrasque? Nein!
    MitD 9: Fellowship of the Thing
    MitD X: A Wild Guess Appears!
    MitD X: I'm MitD the Eighth, I am, I am
    MitD T(r)ENchant: Political Analysis?
    MitD X(s): Unlikely to end the search
    MitD: Every X counts
    MitD X Files: The truth is out there
    MitD X: Monster-san Go
    MitD X: Peeking under that umbrella
    MitD XI: You May Not Know Exactly What You Are- But I Do
    MitD XI: You May Not Know Exactly What You Are- And Neither Do We. Yet
    MitD XI: clearly a recursive half green dragon
    MitD XI: A Good Man
    MitD XI: O-Chul I am your Father
    MitD XI: "You Go, Man"
    MitD XI: Feeling lucky to have new friends
    MitD XI: And so visually complex, too!
    MitD XI: ...is a thing I totally overheard some guy say
    MitD XI: A Monster with Trenchant Political Analysis
    MitD 11: Thar's no shadows!
    MitD XI: Unlikely to end the search
    MitD XI: "Nod. Get treat"
    MitD XI: I personally believe it's a grue or homebrew creature on steroids
    MitD XI: Learning Is Happening
    MitD XI: one pick should be the right one at this point!
    MitD XI: totally a thing I overheard some guy say
    MitD XII: I Don't Recognize That Number
    MitD XII: A Dozen Possibilities
    MitD 12: Thar's no shadows!
    MitD XII: Learning is happening.
    MitD XII: the Gate Also Gazes Into You
    MitD 12: Probably Not a Barbarian
    MitD12: Probably not a barbarian, but maybe a dodecahedron
    MitD XII: wait, what thread?
    MitD XII: "Maybe I'm two kobolds?"
    MitD XII: Holmes knew eleven threads ago but Watson still doesn't.
    MitD XII: Poirot knew eleven threads ago but Hastings won't believe him.
    MitD XII: He Has A Waist
    MitD XII: Into Darkness
    MitD XII Gods, I don't believe it
    MitD XII: Maybe he is two kobolds?
    MitD XII: Start of Darkness
    MitD XII: Monkeys I ain't
    MitD XII: Such an Odd Number, Isn't It?
    MITD XII: the mark of the monster
    MitD XII: Epic Baby Steps
    MitD XII: Under the Umbrella
    MitD XII: Learning is happening (most of the time, at least)
    MitD XII: This Space Intentionally Left Dark

    The rules are a bit simpler for this one: you all get as many votes as you want. Don't PM, just post. If you want to change your vote, specify that you want to take votes away from a suggestion, because otherwise, I assume you just vote for the ones you mention. Highest voted one wins. I get half a vote, in case of a draw.

    Grey Wolf
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