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    Default Re: Naruto SoundITP IC 1: A Melancholy Song of Hope To Come

    As Kimiko goes out the door, she is stopped by Jirou
    "I just want to ask...little sister...are you okay? After..."
    She is silent for a moment, flashbacking to the moment of killing the man, her eyes a million miles away. The image, burned into her memory forever.
    Then she grins and says
    "Of course I am! Its something every does ninja does eventually right? I'm just...getting started early. Its normal for ninja. So why shouldn't I be great at it?"
    "....Very well. But you know if there is anything wrong you can always tell me."
    "Your concern...is appreciated. But I won't need to! I'll make you and whole clan proud brother! You'll see!"
    She cannot show weakness. She cannot admit weakness. Weakness leads to death. Or being seen as unworthy. Or failure. Her family needs to see that she is strong. That she can handle this. She is the prodigy they expect- no, a prodigy beyond their expectations. That she is worth their care, the effort of raising of raising her. Jirou considers her response.
    "....I see. Have a good time with your new team, sis. Remember the importance of teamwork."
    "I knoooooow, as if that wasn't drilled into me thousand times over when I was like six. I'll cooperate don't worry. Cya bro!"
    He waves as she leaves.

    Team Meeting:
    Kimiko and Yuyu are already there with Usagi, waiting for their team leader. Kimiko shark grins, the Origamai No Tsurugi with its paintbrush pommel, her clothes all blue:
    "Well hope you don't confuse your daughter with me then. Kimiko's my name to. Kimiko Ishikawa. Top of my class prodigy."
    Yuyu introduces herself. She has long silky flowing black hair with green wily eyes, she carries a red japanese umbrella on her shoulder and wears glowing beautiful colorful clothing with long sleeves, greeting you all with a smile.
    "Hello, I'm Yuuna Yuuki Yukimura. But everyone just calls me Yuyuyu or Yuyu-Chan.
    How are you all doing today? I'm doing fine myself and hope to help however I can."

    Kimiko herself is already assessing her teammates: Legless Wonder, the social butterfly, and a sensei showing up late for his own team. Guess the higher ups decided she needed a challenge. It was only natural, genius needs to be honed by adversity after all.
    "Speaking of team mates, congratulations Legless Wonder. Your the world's first legless genin. Already breaking that glass ceiling. That was more than I expected!"
    Yuyu gives her a look and says
    "Don't be rude, Kimiko"
    "What? it was a compliment."
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