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Well they are both kind of the gold standard of fitness here in the US and if I were interested in pursuing a career either would be accepted virtually anywhere as they are both accredited by the NCCA. It appeared to me after a relatively comprehensive review of the literature that ACE was more generalized in its approach (Let's learn a bit of everything) and NASM was more concerned with corrective fitness (improving muscular dysfunction). I chose ACE and ordered the study program and reserved an exam voucher yesterday. I am super hyped. I have six months to complete the program and take the test.

That's awesome about the back!!
Sounds amazing, keep us clued in about it.

Started doing abs and back again today, my lord have I lost a lot of progress. I am going to have to remember to keep progress slow and not injure myself trying to be where I was three months ago. On the plus side I look better then I have in my entire life, and am now the lightest I have been as an adult. If I lose thirty more pounds I will be lighter then I was pre-puberty, which is quite the thought.

Spoiler: Me showing off