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Thread: HALO 183: The Not Remotely Gritty Reboot

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    [HALO Tour - Lab]

    Dorotoa's look doesn't escape Mirai, and he addresses it once they've arrived at the library for her to take a closer look through. "Forgive my lack of tact, Dorotoa-san. I have nothing against women, I have 3 years of memories I treasure... but I never stopped being a man. I dealt with it, but I never liked it. How could I? My gender got changed without my consent!" He starts to look and sound rather emotional, then stops, resuming the rest of the tour in silence.

    When they arrive at the lab, he's more withdrawn than before, unless something changes, and her question reveals that he'd been distracted. "Huh? Oh, yeah, and I as well. I suspect we'll be seeing a lot of each other."

    Inwardly, Mirai realizes he should probably talk to someone in the Nexus about his 'experience'.
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